Saturday, July 3, 2010

Piano Undergoing Weight Loss Program

Piano had been going to vet visits every 1 - 2 months...
always cost me a bomb without fail!
But her vet is really superb!'s worth spending that money...
She had UTI...which caused blood in her urination...
and plus the on and off skin problem and excessive hair loss...
And she's overweight!
She looks so cute right!?!?!
Lost nearly 1kg within a month..
and 2 more kg to go!!


So we can conclude that dogs look better when they lose excessive weight too!

look at her white teeth =)
She allowed my man to do this to her...
cos she's at the vet!
And she's always nervous there...her ears will tremble alot~!
I hope she will get well real real soon!

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