Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've got a friend who came from the same pri & sec sch as me, she's Jocelyn~~
a very sweet and demure lady~
love her!

after a whole long day of work,
she made an effort to try out the steam banana cake which i've tried previously..
after long day of work, we will just feel like lazing around~~
Hey her boyf is so lucky! =D
hope he knows that he's lucky too~~

Look very moist! =) good!

She had the same problem as my 2nd attempt...
banana is still not that ripe, so it dont smell that nice...
next time we got to use OLD BANANAS OK!?
lets try more non bake recipes together!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Shop @ AMK Hub

I'm very sua gu...
this is my first time at Ang Mo Kio Hub...
Was there to walk around between my lessons...
so i had about 2 hours of free time~~
it's really a big place!
and even crowded on a weekday afternoon.

There's a ntuc mega store..WAHAHA

Wah singaporeans love to kill crabs hor??
only left with 2 crabs...

How come all of them crowd to one side..
so weird...

So cute...~~

Guess wat is this bloody ting
Frog legs! YUCKS!

the place is quite big~~

Wah..cakes cakes cakes!
u wont see these in other ntucs~~

The famous 4 seasons durian shop~~

100% durian fillings for their pancakes & other stuffs~~
i didnt try it...
wah when was the last time i've had durain?
*think think think*
My grandma's bird day...in dec..durian cake!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Pet Kitty!

There's a cat always loitering around my block...
Cat staying in apartment?
it will be safer than does at the HDB estates...

I specially bought some tuna formula for cats..+ bits of wholemeal bread...

the tuna smells exactly like the can tunas for human consumption...~
(I know i wear like a freak again...but i played badminton b4 that, so just anyhow wear)

When she saw the food in my hands...
he/she went meow meow meow really loudly~~
Must be really hungry~~

Clean Clean!
she gobbled that up in 5 mins time!

Started to clean herself~~

Awww...such an adorable kitty!!
today im not at home...
so my mummy will feed him/her~~

~~Mui Fan~~

I'm getting ready to cook the "MUI FAN"!
they normally have it in the "zi char" stall...
they will drizzle the gravy on to the plain rice..and ready to serve...
but i tink their gravy is quite sinful~~and with MSG...
it can't beat home cooked ones for sure... =D

So I'm gona cook mine for in laws and lao gong~~
these are all the ingredients

plus u will need some lightly beaten eggs...

in less than 10 mins...u will get this!

One plate is not enough....

Lao gong ate 2 plates of that! AIyo! ALOT!!!

It's very tasty although i didnt had any additional seasoning...
other than the marinated pork and prawns~~
we wiped out all the mui fan within 15 mins time! WAHAHAHA...

ermm..actually i didnt measure all the water or corn flour...
but i'll just use my "sense" to create the recipe OK...

Here's the recipe... =D

Ingredients that you'll need:

Plain rice
Fish cake
Prawns (marinated in soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper & corn flour)
Pork slices (marinated with the above seasonings)
Xiao Bai Cai (veggie)
2 tablespoons of corn flour + 3 tablespoons of water
4 cups of water
2 beaten eggs
1 tablespoon of oil

My way of cooking:

1) Heat up the wok, add in the oil, stir fry the garlic.

2) Add in pork and fish cake, keep stir frying.

3) when the pork is nearly cooked, add in water.

4) After the water had boiled, add in the prawn & veggie.
Let it boil once again.

5) Immediately add in the corn flour mixture and quickly stir it, till well blended.

6) Drizzle the beaten egg in and stir, this time round do not stir too much,
as you will wanna see strips of egg..

7) Off the fire immediately, season to taste

8) serve on top of the plain rice, sprinkle some pepper on top.


everyting must be done fast to prevent the ingredients from being overcooked.. =D

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Healthy Steamed Double Layer Banana Cake

I made this steamed banana cake on thursday....
backdated =D

There's actually 2 layers...
bottom with banana mixture...
top is just egg sponge...
and this recipe only uses 65ml of oil...!
So healthy rite?

The banana part smells so nice~~
My lao gong love it!

I made another small banana loaf~~~~


i steamed another one today!!!
This time round together with my lao gong!!

It's the first time i get a cake out of the pan nicely~~

Lao gong and I were so excited
and beat the eggs too much till the cake became really crumbly!
No good~~
Arhh...and the bananas have no fragrance at all!!
sad.... =(

Recipe from: Aunty Yochana

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yammy Milky Bread!

Yam..~~~Smells nice!

Mashed yam to make Yammy Milky Bread!!

My 1st plate of bread...

2nd plate of bread~~
With more patterns...

Looks like char siew soh~~

I like this longish pattern most...~~

After baking...
abit dark in colour..but not burnt...


Generous yam filling~~~!

A mini loaf...~~

Cut it up...
Wah this looks disgusting...~~

Everyone started to eat when it came out fresh from the oven~~!
Feedbacks were...
not sweet at all...HAHAHA... -_-````