Monday, June 30, 2008


TooK my glucose level this morning and it was 8.8! higher than ytd! OH MY GOD..haizzz....

im goin to cook lunch b4 i go to work... this post im goin to let u guys listen to my students singing?

FIRST OF ALL...LET ME INTRODUCE THE QUEEN OF 9PM DRAMA THEME SONG! (9 yrs old) This title tells it all! she can really sing all..!!all the shows!! whenever there's a new show, she will "show off" her new song to me...hehe


huang jin lu.wma -


la femme.wma -


Next, I taught my pr 1 student to sing the Korean version Happy birthday song. She always calls me MUMMY...and im really shocked...arghh...and i tink her mother pai seh...feel so bad too...

Seni Chuka Hamida.wma -


And last, she is the sister of the previous 'singer' (6 yrs old) , i was really shocked when she let me record her singing, she is the shy kind. But really know how to "BULLY" me.......

at the park.wma -


Enjoy! im goin to cook! Bye! =)

With Lotsa Love,


Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Baking Day~~!!

Today, i baked 2 tings!

Cottony Sponge Cake
( From 1.30pm till 3pm) cracked...during baking...but still soft like cotton!


Whole Meal Loaf Bread
(From 3.30pm till 8pm cos need to proof the bread thrice!)

Forgotten to on Night mode...

One thing that i really regret is not buying a good i always cant cut up the cakes and breads nicely =(

Wah really tired now. Cos i cooked dinner too...forgotten to take pics...

- Salmon, Cabbage, Egg tofu Teriyaki

- Chawanmushi

- Mashed Organic Red Potato

- Stir-fried Organic Lady's Fingers

VERY FULL!!!!!!!!! Still havent drink the soup that my mum boiled.

I'm goin to drink it now! b4 it's too late, its already nearly 8.30pm. Cyaz!!

With Lotsa Love,


Bought a New Glucose Meter! & some vents..

Arghh...i picked up the courage and bought a glucose meter! im that kind of pple who are so scared of needles, and wont wanna do it everyday. But i need to know my condition, so got to do it. My mum pricked me, I still dont really dare to diy... u know that kind of feeling!!

My morning reading after fasting for 10 hours.

I know its still high, but compared to the time when im hospitalised, it's already a great improvement! in hospital, the lowest i can go without insulin is 11+ and can shoot up to 14+ after food. Yesterday nite i did the test 2 hrs after dinner, and its also 8.6.

Now..let me aim for 7!!!!

I've not been eating any fried food for nearly a month, so i tink it really helps!

This is my blood pressure taken in the morning after the prick test...

not too happy with the results...maybe bcos i've already started to eat outside food and its way more saltish than home cooked of course...

And another ting pulse/min seemed to have dropped alot. Previously my pulse is about 70+ always..and now its slowly goin down to 60s and 50s. DO NOT EAT OILY/FRIED FOOD AND YOUR HEART WILL BE HEALTHIER TOO!! Always remember that...

Look at my breakfast for this fresh sunday morning..

haha..i baked the wholemeal bread. I know i shouldnt be eating 2 bread but...i just cant resist it..hehe..anyway its 2 small buns...not with the size of the egg yolk...its not too big afterall...n ate some organic mesculin salad.

It's really relaxing on sunday morning! finally an offday! but next month onwards i got to teach on sundays i will be working 7 days a week =( and i tink some kids are contributing to my higher blood pressure. of u really cant imagine.....they dont even respect me, im like a slave to a nobody in their me i owe them money....theres even one student who said someting really ridiculous to me, "you are collecting money from my mother every month, why are u taking our money? if u take our money, u should use it to buy X box for us" arrghhhhhhhhhhhh....I WAS LIKE....SHOCKED~!!!! Opened my eyes big!!!!wat should i do? And wat can i do? I mean i love kids..although they treat me like that i still love them, but its just that moment...they just get on my nerves..arghh!!! And nobody can imagine wat other tings they did to me, its way too ridiculous to be believed. Any of u can give me some advice on this?

OK more complains..Ciaos~~~~

With lotsa love,


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

After working for a few days....

Ytd, i bled alittle down there...and was abit afraid cos I walked alot the whole day...and even baked whole meal bread straight after i ate my dinner at about 9pm. Cos reached home from work at 8.30pm.Baked all the way until nearly 1am.

Feedback of the whole meal bread is realy good!!!! but it's abit unhealthy cos i added about 30g of butter instead of 10g stated in the recipe. I ate one in the morning and it was soooo GOOOOOOD!!

I will bake again on this sunday!will reduce the butter this time...Wanted to post the pictures here, but the pic was lost in the midst of transferring! so weird!

B4 i log off, show everybody a picture...

---------------------------------------------------------- 5

----------------------------------------------- 4

---------------------------------- 3

---------------------- 2

---------------- 1 !

HAHA!!!my doggie "piano" again!!! she is in her green aeroplane!!! Look so dumb...nobody will wanna sit in her aeroplane!!! (pardon me for being so lame...)

OK la..will blog again when im free...~~I would like to thank everyone for viewing my blog!!!! *BOW*

With Lotsa Love,


Monday, June 23, 2008

Ahhhh...time to go back to work...~~~~

OH MAN..2 weeks pass really fast!! arggh...i got to go back to work today...hope excessive walking wont affect anyting.

some pple asked..why dont i rest longer, i'm given 1 month mc...but my students are goin for exam around aug/sept, so i got to do my part. Dont wanna see "extremely colourful" marks!

Anyway, today I only need to teach 2 students...hehehe...but tinking of travelling....i feel sian and tired =( Hope they can come to my house.............................but its impossible.................................

OK...enough of all these complains! S-T-O-P STOP! Be happy!

Ytd i made this Hong Kong Style Ma Lai Koh ytd nite for today's breakfast for my family (recipe from auntyyochana) Its very easy to make, done in less than 10 mins and just let the mixture rest for 30 mins and steam for 15 mins.
Feedbacks: Very eggy taste, some pple may like some may not.

Boyf came at 6.30am to get these ma lai koh, Avocado tartz and Hor Fun...although its so early, the bus came super late and he waited for half an he decided to WALK to his company! Guess wat, after he left, the bus came!!!!! poor ting...feel so sorry for u...but at least u get to eat the love breakfast! HEHEHEHE...

Ok thats all for today, Hope i will have time to blog in future...再見了!!!

With lotsa love,


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Avocado Tartzzzzz....

Today im in baking mood again! and i met these with my remaining food too..!

Presenting Avocado tartz!!

Its still setting in the fridge, not sure if it will turn out well...if not i will dump all into the rubbish bin!

Got this recipe from the tings that she made look really appealing!!


Look at all these pictures..haha..few months ago I'm still eating all these oily junkie food...

Bento-Unagi rice with deep fried shredded veg at Liang Court

The buffet desserts at "si chuan dou hua" UOB Plaza, Their food is indeed damn nice!!

Whole Suckling Pig for praying~~I LOVE TO EAT THE OILY PARTS!!!!!!

Dishes cooked by my mum for Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner...


After looking at all these....I FEEL LIKE EATING THEM!!!!! argggh!!! must control !!!

With lotsa love,


Saturday, June 21, 2008

whoah..this is my 2nd post of the day...guess i'm just tooo free!!

Drived my daddy's car to fetch Boyf from work and proceed to my homie...

I cooked some jappy dinner for him and my family!

Sorry, dont have any nice decorations~~~Just to intro abit...we had chawanmushi...cha broccoli and baby carrots! =)

Till then!

With lotsa love,


First attempt in making chiffon cake!!!

YEAPPIES!!!! I did it I did it!!!! My first chiffon cake!!!!! and its green tea chiffon cake!!!!

OKOK i know it cracked alot, I had a super hard time getting the cake out of the pan! but its still delicious!!!WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

It's not easy to make a chiffon cake u know, because its very hard to gauge whether u have underbeaten or overbeaten the egg white, or is it just nice..?? hmmm....i tink many pple have these doubts.


I couldn't help but eat 2 pieces when i cut them up! its just too fluffy and soft till I cant resist. AAAAwwwwww....the sense of satisfaction!!!!!

no worries...i cut down the sugar to only about 3 table spoons for the cake. And I halved the amount of the ingredients in the recipe, so afraid that i cant make it, so wont waste so much. Plus this recipe calls for whipping cream for coating, but fattening u know..and im lazy to go buy, just use wat i have at home. And this is wat i get!!hahaha!!SUPER HAPPY!!!

I tried to bake sponge cake a few times which also required egg white beating and failed all the time, they always have a soft layer on top and a hard layer below. SOooooo thats the ting~~~~the technique of egg white beating!! I will be very very careful next time...and try more cakes!!

P.S: All my fonts are in green BCOS......The green tea chiffon cake is so green!!!!!!!!

With lotsa lotsa lotsa love,


Friday, June 20, 2008

First day out with fren after my op

Hi Hi!!!!

Went to parkway with Zi wei...a very beautiful lady...~~but too bad she dont wanna let me take a nice nice pic of her..can only see her side view..!

we went to Ichiban for lunch..she ate the ichiban bento! and i ate the salmon steamboat...nice nice! and super full!

We 2 are really farny...can talk about anyting in the world...but our topics are more on HEALTHY FOODS, FACIAL STUFFS & GUYSSSSSSS............................................HOHOHOHOHO....and we are also very auntie...go around Giant and Cold Storage to look at foods' nutritional facts and discuss and argue........arghh...crazy us....too free already!!

I bought a pack of organic blueberries and blackberries!! and psychoed Zi wei to buy a packet too...HOHOHO...not cheap lor... i cant only eat other fruits nowadays...i only eat guava...blueberry...kiwis..hohoho...nice nice though...

we very bo parkway from 12.30 to 5pm...walking around the same place...and i bought sashimi for my family!

but i didnt eat any...!amazing! thats my favourite! so tempted...DROOLzzzz~~


1). My scalp is less oily, and my hair dropped alot alot i guess my hair loss problem started with all my unhealthy eating habits...Now i pray hard that they will grow back.

2). I used to have very dry and bad breath, even when i drink alot alot or even take some sweets. changed alot! first few days i asked my mum to be my testing machine to smell my breath and she said it smell like some old wet table cloth. And these few days..she said no smell! thanks mum for smelling my breath!hehehehehe....

Eating Right is the BEST!!!!!!!! BEST!!!!! but im spending a pile on organic foods...too much i guess....
Will update on my weight again! still stagnant! But im eating right, so no worries!!


With lotsa love,


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hi my friends!

Reached KKH at 10am and waited till 12pm then got to see Dr Loh, he is super popular! Anyway, my wounds are recovering well and he suggested that i CONCEIVE half year later bcos he's afraid that my fibroids will come back again..I tink im goin to plan for my ROM to be in December then WORK HARD FOR A BABY!

And i went to eat Jap food at bugis junction~~after so long finally..i can satisfy my "hunger" for the JAPPY taste...But i choosed the healthiest set meal. which is ........................


Salmon Shabu Shabu! But theres one ting farny about this shabu shabu, the soup = clear water i dont know why, so i poured the dipping sauce into the water, but still bland, so i added somemore shoyu~~~..there were tomato, cucumber, shredded veg salad with some sinful vinegar sauce, an eggy soup, a bowl of rice. Normally i wont be satisfied with just all these, but this time was really full! woo hoo...

my mother ate this!

And my sister ate this! I stole a piece of pork from her...hehehehehe..havent had pork for nearly 2 weeks...GREEDY GREEDY..

My weight had been abit stagnant for these 2 days..i will continue to strive hard..! wait for my good news!

Here is a picture of me taken just now~~

hohoho...any difference from my hospitalisation pics??or cant see any difference??

With lotsa love,


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Continuation of my story

OK! Im here to rattle about my story again!

To make it short, i will just say briefly about the happenings after i found out theres a "demon" in my womb...

I found out the fibroid is NOT a cancer...but there is no scientific prove that it wont become cancer..nobody knows...and nobody knows wat caused it...mayb due to hormones...eating habits...and all other reasons....many many reasons....

The farny ting is after i've found out i have this tingie, i kept goin to different gynaes and go for scans. I tink i've changed about 5 gynaes since last yr end. And ended up with Dr S F Loh, a private gynae in KKH. He is very compassionate and the best doc that i've ever seen. Many Thanks to Rinoa from M4M forum for intro-ing Dr Loh to me! God Bless You...

Ok..besides goin for scans, I had lots of TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE...ALL YUCKY!! And didnt help me at all! i even went to a temple to "ASK GOD". ALL THANKS TO MY PARENTS LOR!! and the "god" said its my own health problem i need to find a doctor. which is right! BUT MY DAD...insist that we should go all the way to malaysia,endau, (5hours drive from sg) cos he know a very fantastic chinese physician...and guess wat..this physician didn't undergo any TRAININGS...i tink u guys cant imagine wat i put into my mouth...just to yucky to talk about it. ok..i will skip this part. THe problem is my father is very against of me going for any op, he said it will spoil my body. *crap* and i went to many many more chinese physicians after that. the "famous"ones...i wouldnt dare to go back again!


I was admitted into the hospital on Monday 9th June 2008, the day b4 i had some sodium saline for me to clear my bowels. IT'S SUPER DUPER POWDERFUL!!! The wastessss just came out smoothly and flow out like u r urinating..

Day of admission,

my pressure is still high, try to relax! drip on insulin, asked my family and Boyf to go back as I don't want them to worry. So...i was wheeled in the operation room myself~~trying to be brave...pretend to read at everyone...I'M SUPER SCARED OF NEEDLES ONE...but this time amazing! i am very brave!

after 3 out! with an oxygen mask..(sorry to show my ugly hair ugly face ugly everyting!)

cos my oxygen level is very very low after i wake up, the nurses call out to me "hey dear don't scare me..if you don't improve I have to call a doctor now" I breathed in and out in and out with the oxygen got beter..then the sound DOOO DOOO DOOO came from the oxygen count machine again...its low again...but they still wheeled me out, i saw my family and winked at them..WAHAHA..and i PUKED BLOOD straight away. Whole nite was drowsy with the gas and puked a few times. it was not so painful. they took the oxygen mask out the next morning.

Let me explain wat is laparascopic surgery, Look at the ugly picture that i've drawn below.

So Basically they cut 4 holes each 1 cm thru my skin and many layers down till they reach my womb and do it from there.

HERE COMES THE GROSS PART..IM GOING TO SHOW YOU MY FIBROIDS!! My scans only showed 2 of them, but there are actually 4 demons in my womb ! 2 big and 2 small!


Gross enough rite...actually i still have a few more pics..but better dont show incase any of u fall sick...but just to explain abit...the top 2 are the smaller ones...and the bottom u all can so huge!the biggest is 7cm+ ! FREAKY !

B4 i end this post...i should show all of u some beautiful tings to make u gals feel better...MY DOGGIE!!!hehehe...

Cute hor??hehehe...always remember beautiful tings ok...

With lotsa love,


P.S: As for my weight loss progress, no progress today. HAHA..will blog about it tmr... and tmr is also my follow up with Dr Loh, will update here too!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anybody there???

Hello hello...Anybody reading my blog??? Am I just writing for myself to see??? always wondering...i will come in hourly to see is there any comments from readers...WAHAHAHAHA...sad to say...dont have any leh...sob sob

Anyone who reads my blog, please do me a favour...leave down a little comment to let me know that u came by~~~~hehe...thank u so much! *muacks*

With Lotsa Love,

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Progress of Lossing Weight

Dear readers,

I've already lost 5kg in a week! eating right....its a shame to say that i didnt exercise at all...i just do some walking at home since i cant move much after the op.

But eating right is already helping me, so imagine if i exercise??? i can lose even more!!

b4 my fav was POTATO CHIPS...FATTY MEATS...LAMP CHOP...ROASTED DUCK....French Fries....all these are out of my meal plans now...and its also amazing that I dont feel hungry at all now! ok...if im abit "greedy" and feel like biting someting, i will eat some veg raw or Low salt Hi fibre wheat biscuits...

Change your diet and it will definitely change ur health and life! For my Blood Pressure was on the high side can even hit 200/110 and doc even prescribed me with high blood pressure medicine to lower it down. I was procrastinating at that time, but still got to take it in order to go ahead with my Op. I stopped taking the medicine 2 days ago and my pressure is soo good! reading was like 110+ or - / 70 + or - . But if u've taken the High Blood medicine for a long while, please do not stop it suddenly...u will most probably have a stroke! always monitor your blood pressure closely! i take the test about 6 times a day now, with my own machine of course.

And they also discovered and suspected i have diabeties during my hospital blood sugar is always 11 and above...theres only once lower, which is 9.8 after dripping the whole big bottle of insulin b4 op. When the needle was poked into my blood vessel, my blood splashed out! its kind of gross, and this is my first time on drip. this needle was in my vessel for 3 days and made my hand and fingers alllllll numb...worried la..cos my hands are very important to me, i earn a living with my hands...

I will buy a test kit and prick myself to monitor and control my GI.

I will try my very best to keep my diet as healthy as possible, even when i go back to work. KEEP MY FINGERS CROSSED....

With lotsa love,

PS: wanna know wat i eat daily?? hehehe...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Everything started here.....

Right now, I'm recupurating at home after my laparascopic surgery. It's already been a week, and decided to blog about my past experiences and upcoming happenings. Eg: losing weight and gynae follow ups and maybe pregnancy! Now i'm goin to start from scratch (the day that i discovered something is growing in me), pls bear with me...i will be posting slowly.


Nov 2007,

I had some problem and went to a gynae at bedok central. Doc advised me to have a routine check up. This is the first time of my life seeing a gynae. While gynae is bz asking me some personal questions while scanning, she said "wow..why are you so unlucky? You are so young and you already have a huge fibroid..?" at that time i'm 24 years old. The fibroid is already 5cm which is considered big...for my age...i was sooooo soooo soooo sooo sooo shocked that i freezed and my mind went blank....i didn't know how to react....and what to say. Í feel very alone and confused.


This gynae was also not so compassionate, she just gave me some brochures about fibroid and "drove" me out of the room. B4 i step out of the room...guess wat she said?????? "if u r afraid that your boyf will run away, then don't tell him about this" i was like, HUH????????WAT THE????????? ok...i was basically just stoned at that moment...


i called my Mother and Boyf right after i'm out and after telling Boyf, i broke down and cried. It's a big deal for me at that time, i didn't know wats goin it cancer?? is it dangerous?? i know nuts about all these!


i even forgotten to foot the bill, just walked straight out of the door to interchange......imagine how devastated i am....


Creating this blog and writing about my story, my main objective is to let all ladies know....its never too early or too late to go for not be shy!! its better to know me...these tings grow real real real fast! It's too too common nowadays.


This is how huge my fibroid is...sorry for poor picture quality as i took a picture of a picture...hehe...



With lotsa love