Thursday, February 25, 2010

2nd Day of Chinese New Year

Backdated once again~~
I think the only way to get pictures here is..
to use
But the pics seem yellowish and small~
please bear with it!! Thank u!! =)

2nd day of New Year..Went to my Grandma's house!
And she prepared lots of food for us!
Our must have...every year without fail...
The shanghainese rice cake...

Zap Cai

My Favourite!!
Fa cai!!!
this year i didn't find any real hair in there..HEHE

Garlic Fatty Pork!

Stir fried leek and prawns~~

the drunken chicken~~

Poached Prawns~~

Now the happy people who enjoyed all those yummies!
1 more month and she's gona be a mummy!!
I can't believe it! Time flies..and when is it my turn? HEHEHE
looking at others it seems so fast...
and when i look at never to come

Both Whit-ies!

Look at all of us..we are observing the baby's movement!
She kicked and moved so much that we can see her tummy become so wavy!

And now time for some group photos~~
Take 1...

Take 2....


Hope to take more group pictures in future~! it was fun!

And say bye bye to chinese new year..~back to our normal working life!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Oh man!
Guess what!?
I've used up all my blogger uploading space for pictures!! am I going to survive... So sad...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Year Cookies!

Chinese new year is nearly going to be over...
but I still got to post this =)

Some chinese new year cookies that I've baked in a few hours time...
didn't wanna bake anything for this year as I know i will be bz....
but..i can't resist the temptation!
I've been missing in the Baking world for quite sometime!! it is!
3 kinds...
and simple...

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oat Cookies....

Almond Sugee....

And not forgetting these little favourites...
Cornflake cookies!

All cookies are gone now..
most of them given away to relatives and friends...
to & sharing = happiness!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

~Reunion Dinner~

Chicken stock simmered for a day! =)
Sweet and yummy!

Piano can't wait to reunite with us!!!

Until sleepy~~

Food Food Food!
Shrooms and tofu~~

Chicken fillets...

The fish dumplings?

The plate of hidden carbo...

Chewy Abalone!

Lots of veggies!

Getting ready...

The excited piano!

And we tried to take a family pic...
Oops..father drinking soup..mother looking else where..and piano looking at the food!!!!

~~Take 2~~
A more 'proper' picture..although father is still looking elsewhere
and piano still trying to look at food!!!
And we nom nom nom nom....all the wayyyyyyyy....

Holiday is over!!!! HAHA!!!
How do u feel??
my day is always more fulfilling when I go to work~~
if I don't work, I will feel like a loser...
Arghh~~am i really a workaholic!?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Have A Roaring Year Ahead!!

Happy Lunar New Year to all! =)
Anyway how many new years do we have? HAA...
So weird...
but i guess this year will be my last.... get ang baos~~!
These are prepared for my grandma, parents and in laws...

And early in the morning of Chu Yi...
I started my day with a warm bowl of sweet soup....
made by my mother in law...

Vegetarian Ngoh Hiong...
Made by my mother in law too~

All these are the standard stuffs that I have at my in law's place...
It's the tradition =)

2 more days to enjoy the holiday~
And after that I will be working 7 days a week~~
I hope all of you enjoys your holiday too!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

~Reunion Lunch~

For the 2010 Lunar New Year's Reunion meal,
my family had lunch instead of dinner.
First time in our life..HAHA..
But at least not that rush for everyone...going to and fro~~
Today's sky....

Exceptionally Blue!!

Huat ah!!!

Happy people =)
I like...

Steamboat ingredients~!

B4 we eat...take a family picture first!

Lets tuck in!

What are these 2 small cuties doing there?

Hot favourite! Cornflake cookies!
My family and friends love them! =)
I will take in orders starting from next year....

Time flies and now I'm at my in law's house preparing for Reunion Dinner...
Enjoy your holidays and be happy!! =)
Gong Xi Gong Xi!! ROARRRRRR~~!!