Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vegeterian Dinner!

Feel like taking a plain dinner without all those saltish taste & oily feeling...

So i prepared for myself...
Mesculin Salad + Baby Spinach + Mustard Sprouts
Then i find it quite bland...cos only added some extra virgin oil...

To give it a zest of taste~~
I added in passion fruit!
Wahoooo!! Just nice!!
the taste matches the veggies so well!!

And to end my dinner,
i steamed an organic corn!! =D
So nice..and sweet~~
Love Love Love!!

Is this dinner healthy enough??

From Simei - Central Mall - Yue Hua-Home

Had only one class today at Simei...

And my Daddy wanna go to Yue Hua @ Chinatown to buy some tea leaves~~

Lucky he fetched me,
Look at the rain!
But it only rained for awhile..
the weather is quite farny...

We headed to The Central @ Clarke Quay 1st..
To fill our stomach!

This is a Japanese restaurant on the 3rd floor..
I forgotten the full name of the restaurant...

The ambience of the place is nice..
but a pity that we didnt get to sit along the full length window facing the Singapore River...

This is my Unagi Don set meal, cost $12.80...
The Unagi is super dry~~
Not good leh.. =(

This is my daddy's sashimi set lunch, same price as mine...
Quite OK...

The sushi set that only cost $6..
very cheap hor??
I tink this is the most worth it one!
Forgotten to take a pic of my mummy's SABA lunch set,
but noting great la..
We should have went to Waraku!!!
I paid for it in the end,
total = $56+
Abit shocked...
cos i dont tink it worth that much

They have this ice skating performance at the atrium..

performed by some ang mo..

Next location...Yue Hua...
First we went to the tea section...
their tea leaves are really expensive! =S

Odd shaped tea table and chairs...made from tree trunks...

These crabs are selling @ least $98 per kg..for small size!
when i was taking the pic,
the sales person stopped me..Oopsie...
But why cant i take?
I'm promoting for them! =D

They have a fish pond there,
I went to that place so many times but i didnt notice it!
cos its at a place which looks like a hole..HAHA

Theres a super duper big fish!
I tink its really old...

Bought this Organic Oat Milk..
Hope i will finish this whole tin...
it cost $28.80...
quite ex..but as long as its good for me,
I'll buy~~
I just cleared my organics stuffs on the shelf..
I didnt store all of them properly,
& they rot!!
argh!!!i wasted all my money!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

OH! Passion!

Some pple might be wondering wat's this??
with so many eyes in it...

It's passion fruit la!!!!!
Its very sourish...
I loooooooove it to the max!
NTUC is selling about 6 for $2...
So cheap rite!
Quick go and grab it!

When i first met this fruit...
I didnt know how to eat it.
i felt its so troublesome cos i got to eat the flesh slowly
then spit the seeds out...

And after eating my first passion,
Some 1 told me that i can eat the seeds too!
And subsequently, i had alot of fun aiming to bite and chew the seeds in my mouth!

We Eat, We Buy & We Shop!

My daddy, mummy, sister, lao gong & me
went to Paradise On Earth at Tanjong Katong Road
for steamboat buffet!
Sin Sin Sin!!
Then after that i was too bz eating till I have no time to take pictures of food!
OK..i swear i wont take buffet for a long long time...
Not bcos its not nice...but....



We walked along tanjong katong after the buffet
And was too free...
Went into the bird shop to play with the birds...
I secretly took a picture of the parrot..HEHE..
CUTE HOR!?!?!?!?!
they had a sign saying no camera there..
But im using my mobile phone!!! HAHAHA =D

& u know at tanjong katong there are quite alot of good food!

When we were still staying at tanjong katong,
This is one of our favourite snack =)

6 for $7.50...
Re bake for a while in the oven and its really..crispy!

This is the first time i'm eating this brand of donut...
Havent start eating it,
But my small sis said mango flavour is nice!

6 for $7...

OK..after the full lunch,
Our dinner will be all fruits and veggies!
Will update later =)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Recordings...!!

My younger sis and me did all these recording a few months go...
We feel that it's quite farny..and lame.. HAHA..ENJOY LISTENING!!!
But we didnt plan it...its all react on the spot..

ATTENTION: If you find it too irritating or a torture to the ear,
Please press STOP.
DISCLAIMER: The one doing all the talking, laughing & the breaking voice is my sister's. Not mine ok! Mine's the perfect voice! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
超爆笑!!!.mp3 -

And this is by me..HAHAHA.. =)
scnappi.wav -

6am!!! Tired~~~~

I tink I've not enough sleep for the whole week.
As i need to wake up early...
And i sleep late too =(
Ytd had dizzy head....
But today i felt better~!

And my nearly daily routine..

Today i made garlic baguette!
Whole plate for My Ah Lao...

A cup of milkie..

Some veg...
I had no time to feed him like a cow today.
so he ate very little..WAHAHAHA

Nice soft boiled egg..

And this weirdo always like to add soya sauce and pepper...

This is packed for his lunch...
Rice + Roast Duck + Dou Miao

This is ytd's left over ba kut teh...

My mother will always come and kpo when i'm cooking!

And this large plate of garlic baguette is for my brother in law and brother!
My mum even came & said thank you to me,
for preparing their breakfast..

My favourite place, Parkway Parade!

They have a few activities in this play house!

I tink Parkway Parade Have this decoration every year..
HAHA..but its nice.. =)

This is interesting~!
Joining the number sequence from dot to dot...
To form a xmas tree!

Dora the explorer! HAHA!

And we went to harvey norman,
& to print 4R pics,
it's only 19 cents...
We just wanna try the quality,
So we printed just 4.. =D
HAHAHA..the photos didnt turn out really clear,
Cos all these pictures are taken from lao gong's Mobile...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My photos are finally out!

I just got all the pictures from my Photographer ytd...

Here's the link! =) Have fun viewing...Abit outdated already la...
Just glance thru OK..thanks!

Toa Payoh Central Early In The Morning~~

We Woke up at 5am..
prepare set off!

Once i reached,
I was this.....
Wat's that??
i thought that was an accident....

Let's take a closer look....
OOo..its prudential's advertisement... =)
And all the pple were looking at me like I'm a weirdo photographer...

After taking all the pics...
We waited for Bus 31...
It's a daily routine for the lao gong...

Look at the time...
Actually we are quite late already...
Lao gong's work starts at 7.30am...

All the bus uncles gathering at the terminal...HAHA!!!

& so early....Pple buying breakfast!
This stall sells fried bee hoon,
chicken rice...
and finger foods...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sister's ROM at Sha Villa

The newly weds rented a Nissan Latio..
I love this car..although its just a normal sedan...
Nearly bought it on impulse few months ago!!
Lucky i didnt...PHEW...

Me posing with their ring pillow bedded with many many roses and baby breathe

We have noting to do in the car.. =)

It's a really classy English restaurant...
All the pple who work there are SHAtec students!!
Their service is extremely good!

Hiao Hiao Us....

The Menu~~~

And I was super nervous lor!!
The longer i played on the piano,
the more nervous i got!

We even have individual name tags places on the dining table...
Cos we can choose to take fish/chicken..
Ordered in advance...

Cute hor????

Forgotten to take pics of appetizers, Cream of Cauliflower and the bread!

This is Seabass in pumpkin and another sauce, which i cant remember what it is...

Chicken in Red Wine Sauce!

Tink everybody preferred the chicken!

Dessert time: Mango Mirror Cake
It's very soft !

Wedding Favors!
Its made of glass~!

I will upload the picture of the bride...
she warned me not to post it up...
SO fierce rite??
Haiz..pitiful me..