Friday, October 30, 2009

A Ritual~~

Some Buddhism rituals to be done..
and it's another 'family gathering' for us!
although its a weekday, quite alot of pple went...

The 1 year old Lucas!

Poor baby..having flu...

All the meats!

Yam + pumpkin paste...

Egg tofu~~

Creamy fish~~

Fantastic tender pork ribs!!

Simple broccoli + mushrooms...

Sweet sauce prawns...

curry chicken..
the curry sauce taste like rendang!

Stir fried noodles...

Home cooked pig's trotter...

Glutinous rice...compliments from my mummy~~

Homemade pumpkin cake~~

Fried prawn dumplings...

Sotong balls

Mini ngor hiong...

First time ever nicest fruit punch~~
Food supplied by Manna catering's good!

And time for the babies to meet again~!
Not much of interactions only until night...

You you is quite grumpy!!

Stop taking my pictures!!

Cute little miss piglet!

She loves to drink bandung~~

Posing with baby~~

And im having sore throat plus flu now..
too many pple having these viruses...
the bugs are flying here and there..
And i actually got them! * SICK *

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can Piano be a model?

Maybe after losing some weight!

My elder sis bought this from Daiso...

Look so like piano~~
even the creamy fur~~
But piano is much much fatter!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello!!! Double Chin!!!

Say hello to my double chin!!
and not forgetting layers of fats!!
It's back once again!!

This is the result of food indulgence for the past 3 months+....!!

Shame Shame~~
not balancing my daily meals well...& always lazing around....
i've put on lots and lots of weight!

Ahhhhhhhhh...about 69kg now...previously was 65kg!!
I can only help myself from now on!

My dear readers...Please support me OK???
I must do it! I can do it!
I will update one week later~about my progress...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday's Simple Dinner

My parents bought 100 "balls" of noodles from sabah...
the ba chor mee kind of noodles..
and gave away to many pple~~
So i cooked some for my in laws~~

The uncooked shrimp dumplings...

the cooked ones...

ingredients are..home baked char siew..meatballs(only for mil)..shrimp dumplings & veg...
Together with homemade sauce~~

my man enjoyed it the most!
he had been eating my version of dry mee for 6 days consecutively!!!
my goodness!
and i think there's more to come...

Managed to capture this shot with my in laws having the same pose!
They were relaxing..after dinner~~

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Home Alone~~

Few days ago, my parents and younger sis went to Sabah for holiday~
So i cooked dinner on the first day~
for my brother, man and myself~~
Bought these from Daiso...

They wrote these noodles as kishimen...
but they dont look like one...

But don't judge it from it's appearance...
the texture was amazing!
very Q! =)
I boiled it in hot water for like 2 mins...then transfer to cold water....

My "famous" no seasoning veg~~+ shitake...

My mother made these tofu the day b4 she left....
puree the tofu, fish paste...mix with some seasoning + chinese parsley + flour(no idea what flour)
and steam...
cut it up and coat it with corn flour~~

What's cold noodles without wasabi in the sauce!?

So as usual...i added loads of it~
the sauce became really saltish~yucky~

Baked some red bean bread too..
as my man had been complaining that i've not baked him his favourite
This time round i mixed some red bean paste into the bread dough....

I made the red bean paste myself...took about 3 hours for the water to nearly dry up...
the colour looks yucky because I used a handphone to take the pictures~~
anyway just trail and error for the bread...not very tasty
try harder next round!