Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not So Sinful New Year Dinner

I've tried my best to whip up a not so sinful dinner..

Spicy Korean Rice Cake with cabbage, carrots, franks & pork...

Spicy Korean Rice Cake with cabbage, carrots, squid & prawns

Our side dishes...
seasoned jelly fish + kelp...

Ended the meal with seaweed, kelp + toufu egg drop soup...



Hope everyone of you will have a fruitful 2009!!
Happy Happy New Year!!!!

At my fren's place!

I reached my fren's house at kallang at 9am.
It's the view from her house.
Nice View!

First we went to eat the famous lor mee at old airport road.

Then back to her house to play Wii!!!

I love this bunny game alot!
This is the most interesting one!
these rabbits are singing ode to joy as a choir
& i got to slap those who are singing rubbish.
SO FUN!!!!

Look at the video below..

& we left her house together to meet lao gong at parkway parade.
Actually my main objective goin to her house is to get brussel sprouts from her..
she got it for me from london..

Monday, December 29, 2008

Vegeterian Day!

I was heading to Pasir Ris from Simei..

When i saw this...
Vegeterian food!
Sounds healthy yeah??

Although it's in the Metta School but it's opened to public...

Not much pple..
but more came in after 12.30pm...

And i ordered a "mui fun"
requested for less salt and oil.
I should have told them no msg too~~
They had all kinds of mushrooms..some mock meat..& veggies..
Plus free lotus + soya bean + red dates soup~!
Not bad huh??

& they even employed a guy with down syndrome..
to clean the tables and collect plates...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

When Mother In Law Is Not In...

Today, mother in law went to msia for a 1 day tour with 9 other friends!
So we were alone with father in law...
I took a nap
while lao gong prepare some ingredients
& after my nap i started to cook our dinner..

Steamed Otah!
This is my all time favourite!

Stir fried enoki mushroom + veg in gluey sauce...

Dou Miao + Mushrooms...
lao gong stir fried this..
but i didnt praise him...

there's onion, tomato, potato, carrot, sliced lean pork & some cabbage
Very sweet and easy!


After dinner,
lao gong asked me to go to Toa Payoh Central's Pasar Malam with him...
I was really reluctant cos i know theres alot of food there!
I dun wanna eat!!!
But in the end i went with him
We saw this cute fury caterpillar on the way
I'm afraid that some 1 will step on it..
So lao gong used a leave to transport it to a safe place..

He bought a bermuda..
@ $17...
considered as cheap???
we just walked around the place...
& headed to ntuc...

Bought some kiwis, bread & sunflower oil spread...

Back home!

I didn't eat a single ting...!!!!


At about 10+pm,
My brother and his girl realised that they were stucked!
the door lock went crazy..
they couldn't open the door...

Lucky Lao gong is around,
if not all of us will not know wat to do...

First they tried to remove the door knob...
There's one helper to hold the touch,
another kpo standing there... =D

It's so scary, got to use the hammer to knock it down.
& lao gong hit his thumb abit...

After trying their best for 45mins...
FINALLY! They were rescued!
& here's a pair of happy survivors!
with their tools~~~

Saturday, December 27, 2008

We SmuGGled!!

Nervous us on the cabby...
at about 7+am...
heading to Lagoon View...

Long story, my daddy dont like piano
& drove her out of our house 2 years back.
We were all so sad..and cried everyday...
Every nite...Continuously for about 1 week!!

This time round my daddy went to msia for 2 days,
& we decided to smuggle piano back!
They were so happy!!!
& piano urinated all around...too excited!

So fast..its already nite time,
& she's watching tv!!
Actually not,
look at the right top corner, her dinner is there!

She gobbled up the food in less than 5 mins time..
We put potato, spinach & salmon..~~
good life!

Now it's show time!
With her angelic harness..~~

Cow Girl cool rite!

I dont know which branded design is this...
& she paraded around the room..
So farny!

So cute rite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retarded face!!

After awhile,
she fell dead asleep in her carrier..
too tired..
she didnt sleep at all today...
she usual sleeps 23 hours a day..WAHAHAHA!!
More pple..More fun! so she cant bear to sleep...

Now she's wide awake again!
Going around KPO-ing...

Tmr we are goin to east coast park at 7am!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Waiting for the BUZzzzz~~~

We are heading to Toa Payoh Central's Crystal Jade~!
It's mother in law's bird day~~hehe
Point to that particular fish & it will be dead soon~~
It's very cruel...lao gong & me was trying to choose..
Then i felt really guilty, & told the manager that I dont want it anymore...
I dont want them to die bcos of me...

QUite BIG!!
But i dnt really eat sea food...

Can hardly take a picture of them...
Very rare.they dont like

Here comes our dishes...
Hot and Sour Soup...
We added more vinegar to make it sour to the max!

Seafood Soup....
This is realy tasty....
or is there alot of msg??

This is assorted mushrooms with GLUTEN...
Old folk's favourite!

Their Special Toufu..
very crispy..
but the inside not tender & smooth..quite rough & hard...

Roasted Duckie~~

The farny ting comes with cury sauce...
very weird rite..
its not nice...
Eat the duckie alone..BEST!!

Scallops in garlic sauce..
Very fragrant!
but i tink the scallops are very hard to chew on...
frozen kind...

Xiao Long Bao...
Hmm...not the best..
But still OK!

Beijing Dumplings...
Also not that great..

We finished all the food!!!
noting left!!!
Amazing rite!!

OK..after today...i will control myself
no more special occasions i tink?
Till chinese new year!
This is not the only sinful meal i had for today..

My lunch was.....

Brown rice...ABC Soup....Roasted Duck, Roasted Pork & Braised Duck!!!

Zhap cai..& PIG"S TROTTER!!

SEE HOW SINFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyting was used for praying to my late grand dad...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Long Day Out!

Happy Xmas Morning!!!
Our breakfast!
My mummy cooked porridge with turkey bones in the slow cooker..
Over night..

And I planned to make some Turkey Wraps to bring it to the zoo~~
It's expensive!! $5+

Put veg and salad...

Wrap and done!
So easy~~!!
And the left over turkey..

We are always trying hard to be farny~~

And entertain ourselves...

Notice our tops...
We purposely put on these tops for the animal theme day!
Mine Giraffe & small sis Elephant...

See..we were sooo happy till we started to act like some animals...

& look inside my bag~~I'm fully armed!
With lunch + water+ loads of tissues for my muscus!


Look at the excited us!!!

& u know wat...the queue for buying the tix was soooooooo
Till we decided to give up!!!
its like few hundred pple infront of us!?!?!?!
We decided to come on another day~~

We were so disappointed...
So we took some pics to entertain ourselves...

Some facts about Pangolins..

BYE BYE Zoo...
we will come again!!!

So we headed to Queensway tower..
We started to shop!
And at about 3pm,
We wanna eat lunch!
So we went to the Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
@ Anchor Point...

Mummy's Dry Mee Sua with Fish..
She said..ALmost tasteless..HAHAHAHA

Small sis's Pork Chop with Fries..
She said...pork too soft...

Our Baked Spaghetti with Pork Chop..
We said..Pork Chop too soft too!

Po Luo Bao + Mango Ice...
U know a farny ting..
they actually put a slice of pineapple inside the po luo bao!!!

We headed to Hotel Royal for dinner...

Ready to charge!!!!!

We had more food than this!
No time to take pictures!

And in the end..
we had our "retribution"
Bloated tummies!!!
With 3 layers of fats!!!

Can u believe it..
we went to zoo - queensway - anchor point - Dawson place - Hotel Royal
So tired..
I'm goin to zzzzzzzz...
bye bye!!!
Hope everyone had a joyful xmas!