Thursday, July 31, 2008

Super bzzzzz....

Bz givin extra lessons these few days...the BIG EXAM DAY will be on tuesday! FINALLY..........
I didnt even have any time to groom myself, lik cutting my nails, clear of excess oil on my face and even comb my hair! I rushed here and there like mad daily. Spent about $60 on taxi fares just for today! Don't know if i should get a car....


A week ago, I saw an article about married couples not wanting to have babies. And they would like to promote some baby incentive stuffs next month onwards. They interviewed MP Wong Kan Seng. And As usual, i got very agitated after reading it, cos HELLO, i wanna get married and have kids, but HDB didnt give me the chance. I never ever have the luck in balloting! I've tried like 5 times, and i got none! Imagine the roller coaster rides i've been thru.

Excited....Ballot....Failed....Disappointed....Dreams Smashed....again and very tired already and we nearly resort to resale, which will use up all our savings just for the Cash Over Valuation. We will be left with noting after that. SO...i emailed Mr Wong to tell him what i've been thru these 6 years. From healthy womb to fibroids growing and to removal of fibroids. I just want a house near his or my it really so hard??? want me to wait till 40 yrs old????

And i finally received a reply from his secretary today. She said they wanna coordinate with HDB to find a house for us. But the problem is i dont know whether they will let us choose the location. I really have to thank God, thank Mr Wong, thank his secretary and thank everybody if i get a place!!!

God Bless Me....

Monday, July 28, 2008


Look at this, Dee Dee was featured in June 2008 's Vanilla Mag.

She have the eurasian look after slimming down, STUNNING! GORGEOUS! I feel that she look 30 years old younger! The old picture looks like her mother now...hehe...

My fren is goin to attend her Dee Dee Mahmood Class soon. And this fren of mine lost 4kg in about 2 eating "love salad" for lunch on weekdays. Why is it love salad? Her future mother in law makes the salad and deliver them to her office!! so sweet rite!! haha..

Feel more motivated now????
With Lotsa Love,

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Still Sick..

After 7 days im still throat feel so itchy every few minutes...esp in aircon rooms and i will cough non stop! argh! hELP ME! I hate this part...maybe bocs the throat is recovering. Hope i will recover real soon. Everyday is a working day, i feel very tired and pai seh when im out. Ytd nite, supposed to attend my fren's ROM at Aranda Country Club, but....last minute, i told her i cant make it. So sad....

and talking about ROM, mine is finalised. It will fall on the November 2nd, at Grand Mecure Roxy Hotel.

They hav really classy kind of function rooms and the hotel lobby is also nice. I love their frankel room, they have full length windows, which i always LOVEEEEE....and most importantly, ITS NEAR MY HOUSE!!! hahahaha!!! I will try my best to slim down further for the next 3 months! I'm sure that i can do it!

On Friday, Boyf bought this detachable cake pan for me.

So i wanted to make a chiffon cake for him, but it was a disaster!!!the cake shrunk like some young pple becoming old instantly. haha..can imagine how bad rite...i'm too ashamed and sad to take a picture of that. SIGH....

My blood glucose is kind of stagnant these few days...sad to see the results every morning.


But my weight kept goin down, slowly. Because of food I guess...
Some of my student's parents ask why u slim down again? haha..and now i can wear many other clothes...which i cant button last time~~very happy! Even my 'mean' brother who is really thin said that i really lost weight this time round. Now we have the same weight! hehe...and im goin to be lighter than my mother soon!!
i never knew that it's so easy to lose weight...just by eating right...anybody wanna join me???

With Lotsa Love,

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


ARGhhh...down with flu and sore throat now! and at this point of time! I've been praying hard, not to fall sick b4 my student's exam...but i guess the more i tink about it, the more it will happen. I wouldn't wanna pass my sickness to the kids so i cancelled today's lesson, it will be worse if they fall sick on the exam date!

I'm glad that most of them already started to practice hard, although it's not advisable to do all these last minute, but it's better than no practice is done. And i can see tremendous improvements!! If they have done this earlier, then we wont be so stress now~~I'll let them have a trail exam next time round to let them feel the URGENCY of the Exams!

OK...short post...will end here...bye bye =)

With Lotsa Love,


Monday, July 21, 2008

Organic Organic Organic!

Bought some organic stuffs from ntuc ytd nite.

Flaxseed meal

Flaxseed is very high in omega-3 essential fatty acids, they are known to lower down cholestrol, stabilizes blood sugar, lower the risk of breast, prostate, and colon cancers, and reducing the inflammation of arthritis and asthma. Sounds fantastic, so i got to try. But experts said it's still too soon to give a conclusion for the benefits of the flaxseeds, so the stated benefits may not be true. Anyway just try it! I wanna add into my juices and my salads too!

Well i tink i should have bought the golden flaxseed not brown =( I was too excited till i forgotten about it~~


It breaks up fats and cholesterol in the body. It is excellent for a healthy heart. It helps the body utilize vitamins A, D, E, and K and is excellent for memory, concentration, and recall. It cleanses the liver and kidneys and helps the body absorbs nutrients. Lecithin is an essential component in the cell membrane, it even helps in achieving healthy hair and skin! Mix it in your juice or just a cup of water, very convenient!

Pumpkin Seeds

It helps to prevent kidney stones, good for diabeties cos it boost the levels of insulin in the blood, lower Cholesterol and many more.

i also bought some organic Hi protein flour and wholemeal flour to make bread. and Soya beans

to make soya bean milk!

These few days I've been eating very healthy foods and last few days my blood glucose is constantly 6-7 points. BUT THIS MORNING..OH MY...IT SHOOT up to 8!!! i dont know wat happened...but i ate a bowl of salad at 10pm ytd nite..maybe bcos of that? but i only added 1 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil and a few sprays of italian dressing. I have to continue to monitor...~~

And after a day of vegggie eating day, I've lost nearly a kg. THe book that i bought previously said blood type A can eat 55% of veg, NO MEAT, NO DAIRY PRODUCTS, 5% of fish/seafood, 20% grains and breads then another 20% of fruits. So now, i limit myself to a small piece of fish twice a week. Meat maybe once a week , just a little or none. Others are all veggies and good fruits like blueberries, kiwis.

My Boyf is O type and he is luckier than me...he can take meat twice a week, hehe..but the farny ting is once can only take 60g...super small portion! and take fish thrice a week, grains/breads can only be 5% of his diet, which is really little. 75% got to be veggies and the others are fruits.

My BMI 1 month+ ago is 30.1 (Obese)and now my new BMI is 27.5 (Overweight) ! Next aim will be 25! 25 or lower will be normal. THUMBS UP!

I hope everyting will go well and smoothly. I do all these for myself and my future baby. I dont want my baby to suffer in my womb. HAHA...

this is my lunch for today...steamed broccoli with some black pepper!

Its really soft, i over steamed it...sad...ok thats all for today! ciaos...

With Lotsa Love,

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baked alot!!

Whoah...i baked alot today after work. Really time consuming, cos my oven is quite small...

Cinnamon Bread (took the longest time)

Need to proof twice...first time 2 hrs and second time i baked in 2 batches. time about 5 hours!

While Proofing

B4 Baking them

Freshly Baked!...Nice when served warm!

Everybody praised my bread! I should make some fondant to drizzle on the bread but i didnt, cos its too sweet already! and its good enough like this, everyone loves it! Even asked me to leave some for their breakfast abit proud of it, cos its the first time i made this.

Next on the menu, Cottony Sponge Cake again!

But today's cake is definitely much better than the previous, taste and texture wise! Just like japanese cheesecake's texture, but without the cheesy taste.


That's the blunt knife i've been using.

OK lastly...

i've not tasted it yet. And it dont look very appealing...Guess wats that ??






Black Sesame Muffins~~~


Now my whole body is aching. After finish blogging, i will just laze around and start to read my book, im almost half way~~. Tmr is a working day for my Boyf and me. It's been a long time since we spent the whole day together. We will be having our solemnization in December. Maybe we will spare sometime for each other and have a week's holiday then! HOPE SO...Keep my fingers crossed...


Previously i wrote about the organic veg supplier who had given me rotten mesculin salads. Ytd i complained and they said they will replace the 3 packs for me. GUESS WAT I SAID?? i said its ok...and i ordered another 3 packs of mesculin salad from them again...My mum said that im stupid and should have said OK for the replacement, so i dont need to pay for my new salad. Hmmm.....i just want to be nice...anyting wrong?haha...

AIYO...i tink i got to go and have some rest..ache....Have a nice weekend!

With Lotsa Love,

Friday, July 18, 2008


I bought this book from Whitesands popular today!

So excited! Didnt have the time to go to Kinokuniya so i went to Toa Payoh Popular, Simei Popular previously but couldnt find it, and finally! yeah! I own this book now!! Highly recommended by Rinoa from mom4moms forum (Thank you so much). I'm now really hungry for knowledge regarding health! I wanna help myself and help the others too.

This book gives all the recipes of juices to lower down BP, glucose, cholestrol and many more sickness. And give advice how to fight and prevent the scariest sickness "cancer". Professor Wu (70yrs old) was diagnosed with 3rd stage lungs cancer when he was 30 yrs old, and his doctor said it's a gone case, but...he changed his diet totally and after 9 months, CLEARED! NO more cancer calls! Amazing rite...It's worth reading! Don't you tink that he look much younger than his age??

My next book will be the "blood type eating". Although the above book do talk about this, but just briefly. So i wanna find out wat are the exact foods which are beneficial/harmful to different blood types. There are many books regarding blood type eating in the market, got to search and see which is the "best"...Any recommendations?

Ytd, I baked banana cake after work. By the time i finished baking its already 1am. Yawnzzz....

B4 baking

After 1 hr+ (the sides abit over baked, im using conventional oven, the sides will bake faster than the middle)

Very soft and Fuffy..!

Its really yummy!!! but very sinful!!!

here's the recipe for the cake.

250g salted butter
337g castor sugar (I only used 200g)
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
4 tbsp milk
4 large
mashed bananas (i used 5 small ones & 4 bananas for topping)
300g plain flour (sift together with 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda and 1 tsp baking powder) (I used cake flour to have a finer texture)
Some Walnuts to sprinkle on top (didnt use this)

Cream butter and sugar
in a mixing bowl. Add in eggs, vanilla essence and milk and mix well.

Add mashed banana into the mixture and mix well. Finally add in sifted
flour and mix well.

Pour into a loaf pan (I use Pyrex baking loaf pan).

Bake in preheated oven at 160 deg C for 1 hour or until a skewer
inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. If the top layer turns
brown after 15 minutes, cover it with a piece of aluminium foil.

Cool cakes in the pan then remove. Use a sharp knife to slice and serve.

This is from moms4moms forum. I really love this forum! Thanks to Clara (Tse Teng's mum) for telling me about it!! I started to bake ever since i surf this forum. They have many fantastic tested recipes and whenever i ask questions there, all mummies are really helpful to answer my doubts.

Look at this video...hehe...I taught my piano this when she was young. Paw Paw...i taught her this cos she hates pple to hold her paws so i wanna let her get use to it.

CUTE??????? she did it really reluctantly..can see that rite....she even yawned!ARGHH!! HAHA
OK will end here! Exam date is getting nearer!
With lotsa love,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Everybody have their own problem....~~

This is life...friends and families around me have many problems...relationship problems...I can't help much but just try my best to talk to them and suggest some solutions although it might not help.

Are we humans too bz nowadays and forgotten about many tings..

For example kinship, when was the last time u said i love u to ur family members? i've never even said this 3 words to my family. NEVER IN MY LIFE. I tink in a chinese family, everybody keep those "golden" words in their heart and concern is showed by NAGGINGS and SCOLDINGS. so kids will normally get the wrong idea and most probably will grow up to be like their parents. So...if i ever have kids in the near future, i will let my kids know how much i love them and hug & kiss them alot. But i've found out someting really farny, i've observed many mummies kissing their kids and guess wat's the kids' reaction? USE THEIR SHIRT OR HAND TO WIPE THE SALIVA AWAY!! hahahaha...i find it should i put it...feel so ticklish when i see that..cute!

And i haven't been saying these 3 words to my Boyf for a long while...3 months? 6 months? or even a year????? Im really sorry to say that, but i tink sometimes at the end of the day after a whole day of work, i always have mixed emotions. its like i dont know how i feel! i tink the word is NUMB! Although i didnt say the 3 words out loud, he's still the only one in my heart. sweet right...if my boyf is reading...haha...when i type all these, i can feel someting stucked at my throat...

Dedicated to all my love ones who stood by me during my "low times" :

"My love for you will not end, I'll be yours until the end."

Hope everyone will be happy and their problems to be solved real soon.


i was observing my fibroid pictures, and i realised....theres still fibroid "tissue" patches on my womb's wall. Haiz...pple say it will most probably grow again if its not thoroughly cleaned. And i need to go to the toilet more often these few days, its like the symptom i had b4 i had my fibroids removed. May God Bless me.


and ytd someting scary happened at my student's house...

This goldie..was so excited to see me...smell all over my body and begin to bite my bag...i kind of freaked out but acted as if im calm.

BUT......he suddenly stand right up and he is as tall as me! he hugged me! oh my god! so tight! and refused to let go. Imagine i cant even move and nobody is there to help me...HE WANTS TO HUMP ME! thought im his Girlf! i used my knee to block him out..but its still useless he held me too tightly. My students were watching tv, and i shouted out to them, they called their helper out and once this goldie see the helper, he stopped wat his doin... PHEW....and realised that all the male doggies wil wanna hump me whenever they see me! this is not the first time! i tink its my "piano" 's atractive smell which attracted all these male doggies...Hope i wont be eaten up one day. HAHA...

Back to happy stuffs! ytd i caught my "piano" having night mare!

and she was having hiccups, her whole body fidgeting. i should have taken video, only took a picture of her..haha...

tongue sticking out! cute rite!

K wil end this post here. Be happy!

With lotsa love,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Look at this! after a long day of work ytd (tuesday), this is my blood glucose result.................

WHOAH!first time first time!so low! for that day i ate 2 Hi fibre bread with leg ham and canola magarine with no trans fat for breakfast . And at noon, I ate Yong Tau Foo at Great World City. Came home in the evening and TADA! the good results!

THen.......this morning...took again and this is my result......

Quite good!! now aim for 5+.


I bought few new stuffs for my teaching.

This finger twister is very interesting and fun!

The picture clearly explains how do we use it...hehehe....ytd played it with one of my student for the first time and he loves it!! He even asked for more!! The purpose of this game is to let the child's finger increase their flexibility by twisting them everywhere, playing more of that will help each finger to be independent! In addition, children usually will find it a chore to use their fingers to play finger exercises on the piano. But now...without any of them noticing...they are unconsciously doin their finger exercises! Cool rite!?

And This teaching notes are for teachers teaching the graded students. A Whole New Syllabus!

It gives some directions on how to go about playing the exam pieces, some helps alot, but some advices are not that practical. So it depends on the teacher in the end, and how the student carry out their own performance. Everyone have their own character and unique way to play their music, you cant find 100% identical music in this world. If anyone can find it, then we can call it "robotic playing" or just simply imitation!

OK..enough of my "philosophy", even though im still working hard to find my own unique way too. its not so easy!

Going out to teach! Blog soon! Bye bye!

With Lots of Love,


Monday, July 14, 2008


Time is really limited..and most of my students are not ready for exams. Im so sad and feel helpless...cos unless they wanna help themselves then i can help them...they dont even take the initiative to tink of exam then start to practice...and some lessons will end up in an unhappy atmosphere, eg. crying throughout the lesson, angry with me cos i ask them to do more than usual classes. I didnt even scold them or hit them, i still talk to them nicely although im really PEK CHEK!! I really hope they can at least pass...


Today my glucose reading is

OH MY GOD..thats the lowest all this while! shocked u know..cos i ate alot ytd !!!hahahaha...*SHAME*

in the morning i ate a bowl of Mummy brand pork porridge, with fish cake, century eggs (of course cooked by my mummy)

Noon, passed by Miss Clarity Cafe at Tanjong Katong, was attracted to go in cos i can hear some one playing the piano live!! my surprise...its just a guest practicing there...hahaha..and she played like machine gun...buey tahan....! haha...i ordered this creamy pork pasta! very sinful! and i forgotten to take pics!! pai time i will remember to take the pics of my outside meals.

Nite is the terrible part!! neighbour gave some maki (Sushi roll), and vietnamnese DANG HUN, haha...super nice!! i ate about 4 makis and few mouths of dang hun, and i ate one big bowl of hor fun with fish! 2 sponge cupcakes, a big bowl of salad! ALOT RITE!!!!!!!! I told my mother i feel very demoralised, so i need to eat make myself more happy.

So now...can anyone tell me why my glucose will still lower down? i asked Valerie, mayb i eat more then it will be lower, so now i eat more ok... SHE said "dont ever tink like that!"

anyways~~~im goin to eat salad later for lunch. AND...&$^#&&*$%^(@)#*&#&@^8!!! the person who delivers organic stuffs to my house gave me 3 packs of ROTTEN mesculin salad! ARGHH!!! my mother was so angry too...consider not buying from them anymore! ...or should i just complain and continue buying? waste my money!but still eat lor..wat to do~~all of them are nua nua like this!

Look very disgusting rite!? and its so ridiculous!!!!!!


I've been trying on contact lenses, Baush and Lomb is really dry and it will move about in my eyes and my vision will go blurie! i have super high astig, so the brands are limited. Now my optician let me try Acuvue,

but its like 75 lower than my actual astig. I shall put it on soon and let u guys know whether its good~~its just a 2 weeks lense. hope i can see clearly despite the difference in astig. If still dont work, i got to make a 1 yr permenant lense..but very yucky yr never change dirty!!!


I got to prepare my stuffs, many tings to do!!!!!! till theÑ~~~~~

Not so much of love too,

Coraine Lim

Monday, July 7, 2008

SO TIRED..... - _ -```

My Vent:

Havin my menses now and having body aches. Cramps...still worrying about the same issue.... the fibroids will grow again...haizzz...when can i stop tinking of that...HELP ME!!!! There's so many tings to do and to tink about but seems like im doin noting at all !!!!


Baking Updates:

Baked these on Sunday...

Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake
While Baking


It look quite nice rite? BUT...actually....Its a turned out to be 2 layers instead of one...and i know the reason, i didnt beat the egg white well enough...the upper layer is the egg white mixture and bottom is the egg mixture they didnt blend together after i mixed them. But we still finished it on the day itself. I will surely try it again!!!

Everyday Bread

As usual, not good at cutting the bread into slices..where can i get a good knife??

But not being affected by the appearance, its still nice! we finished all of it in the next morning. It's especially good after we heat it up in the oven, very crispy and tasty!


Blood pressure and Glucose Updates:

My Glucose is back to 8-8.9, kind of stucked there...and now i begin to eat PORK and fried food!!! esp when i see the crunchy porkie white soft bone!! i cant resist!! i tink i should stop eating theseeeeee...will keep that in mind...

Blood pressure range from 105/70 - 120/80. Still ok la but still not so good...


Argh..headache..goin to zzzzzz soon..why must woman suffer!?!?

Not So Much Of Love,


Thursday, July 3, 2008


WOoo wooo!! happy morning!!

Pricked myself again and i've reached my aim!!!!!!


Now it's time to aim for 6!!!

its weird..cos ytd nite i ate a piece of my home baked green tea chiffon

and i added too much sugar...its very very very super sweet! but my results still came out machine siao siao?? cannot be leh..i just bought it...

and this is wat im eating now..for breakfast...

Mesculin Salad with A kiwi and Cherry Tomatoes...without any dressings are olive oil...still very YUMMY!! I made salad for Boyf in the morning, he came to my house to pick it up. BUT...guess wat is his feedback... " i thought u said u will be cooking fried rice for me...i'm very scared of eating all these salads already" HELLO my dear Boyf..u've only eaten this salad for like 3 or 4 times???

Weight update: WHOAH..i am really impressed with myself..after goin back to work for like 10 days..i lost another 2kg..and i definitely feel better now. No more heavy more dizzy spells and i can tink better!!...aiming for 70kg now...4 more kgs to go!!

The only ting that im not happy with is...I am still having all these weird dreams daily without fail..if i have 8 hrs of sleep..i will be dreaming of crappy stuffs in the whole 8 hrs...arghh!! how can i stop this!?!?!?!

I've finished my breakfast and gona do someting else...hmm....every one should eat healthy stuffs!! remember!! Its never too late to change our eating habit and lifestyle...

With lotsa love,


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Low Morale...............

I'm really afraid...very...that i might have a womb is aching, my back is aching and my menses is late.. =( very worried...

I even dreamt that i had breast cancer!!OH MY i having PMS? Evil thoughts are appearing in my mind every now and then................................

Anyway~~~~~when im typing this post, I'm eating this for my breakfast!

I remember last time if i were to go to restaurants and they do serve salads beside the main dish, i will not eat it...leave it there to rot! But always eating big big bowls of salad (like a cow)...i will normally add some olive oil and this italian salad spritzers.

Not very tasty..but at least theres some taste...and they stated 1 spray = 1 calorie...dont knowhow true is they measure?


Nobody is at home now, and i picked up the courage to prick my own finger without any hesitation! APPLAUSE FOR ME!!!! *clap clap clap clap*

my result is.............................

YEAH!!! lower abit now!!! But still not ideal...let me aim for 8 now...

And blood pressure for today is 114/76... i was abit mad at that time cos Boyf proposed someting which made me really wanna go ARGHHHH!!!! But the pressure still turn out OK...

OK la..i have too little time to do too many tings b4 i go to work...will blog again! byezzz!!

With Lotsa Love,