Saturday, February 28, 2009

Parkway's Ajisen

Our lunch!

He don't look quite happy...

The place was crowded! in fact all the restaurants!

Here's my cha shu ramen!
Actually i love their pai ku ramen...
but they dont sell it anymore..
so sad...~~

Many pieces of pork!
Soft and juicy~~~~

Side dish...white fish...
it comes together with the ramen....

Lao gong's sushi set...

The clear miso soup,
which is nearly tasteless~~

Total bill~~
cheap rite!?
Use UOB cards & u will get 10% discount...
there's lots of discounts for UOB card holders around s'pore....

We bought this at ntuc..
An auntie was promoting it to us...
It cost $1.30 each...

My lao gong loves this Ume flavoured 1~~

I tink the momo flavour is nicer!!

& look at the calories!
only 26 calories for 100 ml!
& only 5.8g of sugar...

they have grapes, pineapple & apple flavour too!
Quite shiok and refreshing!
Can try!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank u my mother!

It's a wonderful cloudy day~~

I'm in the car~~

My kind mother came to fetch me from my student's place...
If not i got to walk all the way out from the deep in landed properties...

& when she fetch me, I can reach home fast!!!

Thank you very much, my mother!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yeah! Another day together!

Was @ Victoria concert hall early in the morning~~
to settle some exam stuffs~~

HAHA..i look so yuckily stiff...pardon me..

He was so sad to wear that bermuda~~HAHAHA...regret~~
cos look very lok kok~~

Wah whose that ah??

The stern & cool Sir Stamford Raffles~~

& we hopped on to the cabby~~

The busy road of cityhall~~

And here we are at KKH!
Why are we there again??
i did a test 2 months ago..and they said couldnt detect my cells!
ARgh! so i had to redo the test~~~~zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

see..the magazine more fruits and veggies to keep illnesses away!

So Engrossed~~
Why am i standing? the clinic was packed with women!

Look at his sian..
after 2 hours of wait, he started to have headache...
I was yawning away~~

& finally turn..!
Everyting's going on well..and fine~~
only a little infection..WAHAHA
feel like a VIP now.. =p

We were attracted by all these vending machines!
Like we've not seen these in our lives~~WAHAHAHA
Fruits vending machine~~

Fwah!!! ice cream!!!

So many flavours!!

Perhaps a meal for pple who are accompanying their loved ones in the hospital~~

The menu~~
The will microwave it till piping hot!

Look at the one on the left!

Wah i feel so happy looking at all these corns!!

This umbrella machine amused lao gong...
He kept talking about it...

$8 leh! expensive or cheap??

So many goodies!!!
i didn't even know it when i was hospitalised...~~
ANyway i cant eat at that time...i'm on the 1500 calorie meal...Yucks!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birth Day Dua Pek Gong!

Whoah..packed with audiences~~
What's there to see ah???

HAHA! Cantonese Opera!
QIang qiang qiang qiang qiang~~~~~~~ TOk Qiang!

I cant understand wat are they trying to say~~~
i tink they are husband and wife....
and there's a servant at the back~~she kept looking left and distracted~~

2 more actors came on stage~~~
maybe the father in laws~~HAHAHAHA~~~
the temple staged this opera because tmr is dua pek gong's birth day!


Ahhhhhh.....i love it....

I was on the bus from toa payoh central to lao gong's house...

Then i saw someting which made me smile...


Emo sky~~~

When we reached his place,
the rainbow was still there!
So i stopped infront of kopi tiam to take pics~~

Everybody looked at me....
But i didn't care...~~

Some pple were curious...
What's so nice for me to take a picture!?
And they actually came out to see...HAHAHAHAHA
although it's just a rainbow...
Pple will just say CHEY!!!
But it made my day!!!!!

Thanks beautiful rainbow =)