Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Going Vegan?

Did you receive this in your mailbox?
I received this booklet...and it totally amused me...

Animal killing....
just because human wants to eat them... =(

They electrify the poor piggies and slaughter them...
cut the cow's throat and let it bleed....
hang the chickens up by their legs and lower them down into electric water...


They have this free DVD in the booklet...
but I don't dare to look at it...i know it will be gross...

I've been wanting to go meat free for such a long time...
it's such a shame that my determination was not strong enough...

I've started to go vegan 2 days ago...
but I still take those diary products...

but I find that sometimes it's hard to avoid as my family takes meat...
so I will still drink the soup which contains meat...
but..not munch on the meat...
I mean i tried my best to save them by not eating them..
when i move over to my new house, it will be a good start for me! =)

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's been a long time...

It's been a long time since I've updated about piano! took some pics during her Poo Poo session~~

there's this puppet show going on downstairs...

The face is kind of scary~~ HAHA!
We specially brought Piano to watch!

but don't think she is interested....

Look at that...
she is holding her own poo poo bag.... =)

and she can dump it into the rubbish bin!
I can't wait to get her into our new house..most probably in June...
I can't wait any longer!
She was attacked by a dog about 2 months ago...while Father in law brought her down to pee poo...
I was so upset..but there's nothing that I can do...

and last week...while she was poo-ing...
lucky she was not hurt.. =(

I hope such things dont happen anymore....
My heart aches~~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Unique 手工福州面线

This is a really special 面线
福州 style...
my sister's bf's family bought this from malaysia as their dialect is 福州...

Have you ever seen this b4?
not me...
its crispy and dry...breaks easily....

I used this to cook for our lunch~~
here some of the ingredients I've found in the fridge...
long beans, shitake mushrooms, fishballs....
I know it's very weird to use long beans...
but I don't have any other veg, and I can't do without veg...

so it took about 10 mins to cook a meal for 3~~
and I used the overnight ABC soup for my soup base....

my brother said that it's the same as kway zap..
but i don't think so..i feel that the texture is more like super thin mee hun gui!
we still have abit left...
and I'm going to cook it again!
maybe the dry style!? =)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why are there so many bugs!?

I have no idea..why does the kitchen have so many bugs?
there's bugs in my flour...and now...even all the grains... =(
My favourite 8 treasures grain...filled with creepy crawlers...
it's very Q and fragrant!! I wanted to use these to cook porridge for ytd's dinner!

but sad to say..i got to throw them away...too many of them..disgusting
i found these bugs in my japanese grain too!!
I won't allow this to happen in my new home!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I can't stop thinking about UU..HAHA..Obsessed!!!!
and my man loves him very much too....
the first time I see him feel so much for a baby..!!
We really hope that our child can be as chubby, innocent & smart like UU!

While I was editing the pictures....
saw these...and brought back some memories~~
photo taken @ botanical gardens...

he loves to fly~~~
look at that smile!!!! *MY HEART MELTS*

but don't worry I'm always careful while making babies "FLY"
Got to fly really slowly...and my arms will be very tired~~
the next day I will have achy arms!
But worth it! Because I will get to see the precious angelic smile!!! =)
Hope to see UU soooooooon....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Udon in an Italian Way!

Have u tried mixing udon and spaghetti's sauce b4?
I was trying to look for some spaghetti or pasta, but i couldn't find it~~
So..i had this idea to use my udon! =)
that's a meal for one!
udon in italian way 1
very simple ingredients that you'll oil involved~!
Button mushrooms, a tomato and Udon...
as for seasoning..just some black pepper and a packet of Ketchup!

My way of doing it:
1. Cut the tomato into to half, one for dicing and the other for blending which will be the sauce
2. Slice the button mushrooms.
3. Cook the udon in boiling water, meanwhile you can heat up the blended tomato sauce. Just add in the mushrooms & diced tomatoes.
4. Toss udon into the mushroom sauce. Sprinkle black pepper.
5. Let it simmer for just a minute, remember not to overcook the mushrooms and udon.
6. Off the stove fire & mix the packet of ketchup in. If you feel that it's not salty enough, a pinch of salt can be sprinkled into the sauce. If you want more flavour & aroma, just sprinkle some herbs like oregano..
7. Lastly, serve.... !

And here u go!
A meal in less than 20 minutes!
Nonetheless, it's healthy! and it will be even better if you omit the packet of ketchup.

The Udon's texture is a little bit like spaghetti!
And there's some chewiness in it!

And i love mushrooms!
Any kind of mushroom will be good for me!
Hope my readers will find my recipe easy to follow =)
Why bother to buy store bought pasta sauces when u can make it on your on in such a short time... Try it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

OH mY!

Argh! =(

I made some food for myself this afternoon
I didn't have the time to really whip up a meal nowadays~~
really bz...
and finally...

after the cooking and shooting,
i realised that there's no memory card in my sister's cam!!
And i can't retrieve the pics..Boooohoooohooooo....

So..tmr i will be cooking the same thing for my lunch again!! =)
Wait for my post
Sorry for MIA...
I'm down with flu now!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

After a Looooooooong Wait~~

today is our 1st HDB appt!!!!
and i got to wait for another 8 weeks for 2nd finalise everything + get keys!

After reno and furnishing,
it will be probably June!

I cannot believe it, i can only get to stay in a house after 7 months upon purchase!!
It's not as if like I'm staying in a house made of GOLD...
Argh!! Frustrated!!

I've been complaining about this,
but there's nothing that I can do..
Just hope that there will be no delays in between...
Wish me good luck!! =)
Thank you!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lets Welcome Baby Clara Ng Le Xuan!!!!

6th March! Clara's birthday!
My sister finally ave birth after a long wait in the hospital...
giving birth is never easy..and she is still weak now...
nearly fainted in the toilet! Scary situation!
So I am staying with her overnight...

Everything started from Friday morning...
we were all so anxious!

And Clara actually decided to arrive by the help of the doctor's forceps!
White White..Bloody Bloody~~

She's 2.5kg! Gynae estimated her to be 2.2kg..
lucky she was bigger!

After cleaning up...she looks like a sweet demure baby girl to me =)
I can't enough!!

Happy happy!!

And here are the excited+gan chiong spiders!


I'm one of them! and more anxious than them... =)
I hope that Clara grows up safely and happily!

Do u think that she looks more like daddy or mummy for the time being?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Brother's 25th BirdDay!

Time little brother whom I used to bully is now 25 years old!!
I didn't wish him for not even one of his birthday,
and now even this time round.
So weird right...
My mouth is as hard as stone!
Sometimes i wish that words can slip out of my mouth easily.

HOHO..OK..enough of my crap...

we were at my elder sis's home...
and his gf bought a cake for him!
The sweet couple... =)

And there was cutie there!

He's my brother in law's nephew...
a cheeky and cute looking boy right!?
he is born on the same day same year same date as UU...
such a coincidence!

Monday, March 1, 2010

We Love UU!

My man is all ready to take his first family photography!
and we love UU alot.
he is simply adorable!
So we bought all these stuffs for him....



He loves to read..and books will be a good choice!!

We went for outdoor photography @ Botanical Gardens..
Scorching hot!

UU actually knows the names of fruits and many other things~~
U can ask " where is the banana?" and he will pick it up without fail!
isn't he bright!?

The happy chua family!



Squashed by his parents~~
and he was terrified...
can't help but scream aloud~~
SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
I hope to see him soon again!!