Sunday, August 31, 2008

Boring Sunday...

Went to Kembangan Mrt to fetch my little sis and on the way, i drove to Marine Terrace cos my mum wanna buy 4D...and my skills are still lik...SH*T...I ended up in the passenger seat, happily taking pictures...

cos i have no idea how to do parking in the packed car park at Marine Terrace. So lousy rite...

My insurance agent helped me alot in settling all my hospitalization claims. I wanna thank her..and baked some cinnamon cake for her..i took the risk and changed the recipe again..but wasnt that ideal...

My Swirls....Not nice...

But taste great when the cake's fresh from the oven


Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Bakes For Today

Followed the recipe of Cake Bread from this book, it belongs to my elder sis...I've tried to bake Cake Bread b4, but didnt succeed...Very lousy....

I changed the recipe abit...make the bread into green tea bread, just add greentea powder to water.

Nice green colour b4 proofing.

It doubled in size after 1 1/2 hour

Shape into swiss roll style and ready for 2nd proofing

It rose abit too high, so there were not much space for the chocolate sponge batter.

It came out quite nice in shape but when i get it out, it tore a little..sponge was abit overbake, bread underbaked... SOB SOB SOB

I used the leftover batter to make another small cake, this is baked just nice, and spongy!

OK back to the pullman tin's cake bread,

HEHE..sorry...abit out of shape...

Had some left over egg whites from the kek lapis which i baked last week. Kind of made my own recipe for this Chocolate Egg White Cake..AND I FORGOTTEN TO PUT OIL!!!! So the result of not adding any oil....LOOK BELOW...

A super dry cake!!!!!! SOB SOB SOB SOB upset with all my bakes today...

I should have done someting else instead of baking. I should have revised my work and studied...SIGH...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Picking Up Courage TO Measure!

Sorry for my ugly drawing once again. Was so pleased when I saw my own measurements. I often buy clothes online, so i know my previous measurements. WOoohooo~~& didnt measure my arms, legs, and shoulder's length previously, but it's obviously smaller in size now.


Bust Lost : 3 inches

Waist Lost : 6 inches

Hips Lost : 4 inches


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lunch at Edogawa @ Central With Daddy & Mummy

This is my Mummy, we took some pics while waiting for my daddy to get ready

We sat beside the window, so this is the view we get...LOOKS MUDDY??

My Mummy's Teppanyaki set, it comes with the above + rice, chawanmushi, salad, miso soup. About $19+

My Daddy's set, I dont know wat kind of fish is that but he said that it's very saltish. He ordered another bowl of rice!!! It's about $14+

Pork Cutlet for the 3 of us to SHARE...Oh..I'M EATING MEAT...SINFUL. Quite ex, $8+

My Unagi Rice, I just love unagi cos its not so oily, the sweet sauce is tasty, unagi's flesh is soft and skin is chewy!

This is my mum's chawanmushi and i ate all!

Can u believe that this is miso soup!?!? i dont know why it have such bubbles on top. Weird rite...and my set with only rice and miso costs $16+

All set meal comes with desserts..and we get to choose 1 from a few varieties.

They are having DBS/POSB card promotion, use these cards and get 30% discount. Our total bill was only $49! quite cheap...cos we are super full!

The minus point is...all staffs and waiters are from china, its not the I look down on them. But waiters and chefs are eating while working...weird rite..The waiter came out of the kitchen holding our food and happily munching someting in ur mouth. And the worse ting is...the teppanyaki chef was cooking and happily eating! were shocked when we saw that...

Overall its quite value for money, Because of the 30% discount...hehe...


My muscles are still aching....i have to walk really slowly....the feeling is like i was being bashed up!

But............these aches lead to another KG off my body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! about 2 days time!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm 1kg lighter than my mum!

Hm...let me recall when was the last time when i was 70kg........errrmmm.....i was like in pri 6 or sec 1......OKOK.....i know 70kg is still very fat....but I WILL SURELY MAKE IT TO AT LEAST 55 OK!!! Lets have a bet!! So....Stay tuned to my blog!!!!!

These few days, I changed my diet to a more extreme kind.

  • Breakfast...salad.....with just extra virgin olive oil, kiwis, and fruits plus a cup of organic soya bean, no sugar added. If i'm at boyf's house, i will just eat one kiwi fruit.

  • Lunch....2 table spoons of rice...many many many veg....and fish.....(I cut out all meats and seafood for health purposes)

  • Dinner...just a kiwi and some veg + soup....

2 - 3 Hours after dinner...start to do my exercises!

  1. Slow jog for 45 mins in my house (If you really have the heart to slim down and exercise, anywhere can be a place for u to do it! so NO EXCUSES! )
  2. Lift bolster for arm exercises
  3. Walk briskly on the spot to cool down

And Lastly....


All these are good for weight loss....but i do it more for health purposes...i wanna be





Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love to cook!

Cooked this b4 i left for work....

Whole pile of salmon bones and some flesh..only cost $6+

Silky Tofu

2 kinds of mushroom

My favourite teriyaki sauce

Add all these together and u will get....YUMMY....

Dont look that appealing, but HEY, my dad was deceived by the sauce. He said "you can really cook well nowadays!!" WAHAHAHAHAHA...*evil laughter* Thanks to my teriyaki sauce...i only added water to it!

Teacher's Day Present

It's so sweet of my student's parent to prepare this cup for me. She will get me presents on behalf of her son every occassion, without fail. THANKS!

My Weight Loss Progress!!!

Whoah...í managed to shed off another kg! actually can say it's 1.5kg! My muscle aches & hard work paid off...& i've upgraded my 30 mins of exercise to 45 mins. Can really feel my stamina is building up..from slow paced walk to medium to fast. And now slow jog..APPLAUSE FOR ME!!
Feel so motivated now! My mum bought me a packet of wantan mee for breakfast, and I firmly rejected! and i ate this! HOHO...

The goldie goldie organic kiwi is really nice...!!

I will cook lunch b4 i go to work. MENU - Salmon, mushrooms, tofu in teriyaki sauce...Normally I will have a light breakfast, Hearty lunch and then light dinner.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Nowadays I feel like I'm more independant. I can go around to anyting myself. I wasn't like this in the past, I always want pple to accompany me and do not dare to go out alone. LOW CONFIDENCE~~I'm afraid of the crowd...

Now, even when I'm with my boyf or frens, i will wonder around myself and look at my own tings..hehe...weirdo rite...

Today had a 2 hours break for lunch between my lessons, so I went to paragon, one my favourite place in orchard. And I love to eat at Akashi Jap Restaurant, LOVE IT ALOT! Everything is always so fresh~~! Too bad...I've already quit eating all sashimi...If not, it will be a great place to eat them!

A cup of hot ocha really make me feel refreshed!

I ordered this Cod Fish Soup....

It's plain and nice! Fish is fresh! And lots of veggies veggies veggies! So happy! It cost about $21+ in total...

In the past, I will surely order this Akashi Bento! Its really value for money! So many tings and only $23+ after GST. But hello, I'm on a diet, and i've quit eating prawn too!

HOHOHO...After 20 mins...I gobbled everything up! except for the rice...YUMMY...So full...and decided not to take dinner...cos I will only reach home at nearly 9pm...

But...i was really hungwee to the max! So i ate all these veggies with my mummy's homemade chilli sauce when i reached. Also healthy rite?? I'm aiming to lose more weight!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Everyone is HUNGWEE~~~!!!

The Cat Cat is Hungwee...

My doggie Wawa is Hungwee...

My Boyf is hungwee too!!and eating this now!!He even wanna tempt me with that!! It's really very tempting!! 17 pieces only have 160 calories...I was struggling whether to eat or not....

I'm hungwee....ermm....let me tink twice....maybe just craving for food and not i just eat some of the pumpkin and sunflower seeds..!

Do I Have Bad Luck In Driving????

I always meet weird and dangerous encounters whenever i drive!! I dont know why...even pple with many yrs of experiences in driving didnt meet all these.

Today, sent my daddy to the polyclinic and dropped him there. my mummy was in the car too. We were heading back home, and this "BUGGER" at the opposite direction of mine was supposed to be stopping there. I know my light's goin to turn red soon, but his is still red! I dont know wats wrong with him and he started to move forward! I quickly Horned at him! And he looked stunned. Weirdo...! If he bang into us, my poor mummy sitting at the passenger's front seat will be dead first!

Look at the picture below and you will have a clearer picture...

There are still many tings which happened to me ever since i've passed my driving test in May.

Will update on these soon. Really SCARYYYYYY ones...