Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So many good news for me today..
and one of the biggest one is
I actually
DO NOT have diabetes!!!

All the while i thought i have it..
but after a thorough glucose tolerance test last week,
I'm perfectly fine!!!

Very very sweet...

4 pricks!!!

Actually i only got to have 2 pricks,
once is to withdraw fasting blood
and another is taken 2hrs after drinking the glucose..
But i was so "lucky" to meet a sooooo "experienced" nurse!
she pricked me once on each hand...
and told me she cannot do it, she simply couldn't find my veins!
got to send me to the lab for the experts to help...
So 2 waste pricks and 2 actual ones...
lucky i am not timid anymore!!
come prick me as many times as you want!! =)

but everything were worthwhile...
So glad~
from 14 MMOL/L 1yr+ ago
and all the way down to 5.8!!!!
So proud of myself~~
it's actually a huge change without medication at all...
so if I can do it,
everybody else can make it too!
Lets work hard together!!

I strongly believe that our weight, and food intake plays a big part!
Do not be mistaken that you are a diabetic!
Do something about it and you will be rewarded! =)
All the best!


Piglets said...

Congrats!! : )

Big-Girlicious said...

Hihi.. thank u very much... =)

and hope u r feeling better now!

Piglets said...

Ya better thanks : )

Big-Girlicious said...

glad to hear that!
thanks for supporting my blog =)

Piglets said...

Dont mention : ) Enjoy reading your blog especially your will power to slim down.

Big-Girlicious said...

hey talking about weight loss..haha..I dont know what to say =) so pai sehzzzz...
I'm stuck again~indulge again~HEHEHE..how about u!?

Piglets said...

Pai seh too greedy for the past weeks : P so weight has been gaining.

Aiiii........ will try to cut down my intake. : )

Jai you !!

Big-Girlicious said...

HAHA..so we are the same now...
after the festive season we jian fei again OK.. HAHAHAHAHA..wait and wait..