Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas Eve BBQ @ Lagoon View

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A BBQ session with love ones...on Xmas Eve~!
@ Lagoon View...
As it's nearly free! just pay $10 for admin fee..and $50 refundable deposit...
such a bargain right..
and the place is very big!

Some random photos taken on the enjoyable night...

Always killing/hitting each other!

so hungry and can't wait to eat!

So happy to cook~

My cousin~~

Mr Benny...Cousin's Soon to be Husband..HAHA

Gona be husband and wife soon!

Abit charred chicken wing...
didn't have much time to take pictures of just a few of them~~
Eating is more important!! HAHA!! wine..barley...crysenthamen and coke~

BBQ marshmallows...
My man's favourite...

Soft till gona drop~
so melty~~

Really fresh prawns!

Prawn promoting session~

Our chatting session...

Can you see that i'm very greedy? =)

They are so happy...

Log cake!
With compliments from Mr Ken~~

Nom Nom Nom...
and all were so full~~!

And we ended the wonderful silent night....awaiting xmas to arrive....
Merry Merry Christmas to all my readers!!
Lets spread love all around us!!

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