Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CAFE d'Orient

Located at Sunset way....
You can say that I'm lousy..cos i've never been there b4~
it's a place famous for food!

They sell Hongkong style dishes....and even fish steamboat!

the boss is my Dad's ex accountant's son...HAHA..long distance...

My dad getting excited..and can't wait to eat...!

The ma-la steamboat...

ingredients for the steamboat...generous!

This is the fish head steamboat...
although it's called fish head steamboat, there's actually lots of meat in there

Fried milk~~

my first time...and it's actually not bad..and sweet..

Their homemade spinach tofu....
i think i will copy and make this kind of tofu~! =)

Salted egg yolk prawns...
This is super duper wuper good!!!!
I don't really know how to describe...but I just can't get enough of it!
A must try!!!

Mango Pomelo Sago...
Refreshing after a full dinner~~

And total bill was only $50 bucks~!!
Value for money!!


Anonymous said...

i like steamboat...how to get there by public transport??
mala steamboat...fishhead steamboat...all my fav.


Big-Girlicious said...

Hi there!
long time no see leh..how are u ??
the mala steamboat is soso la..but the fish head steamboat is good..
i took a car there..but if u take bus u got to walk in abit..
can take bus 74, 151, 154, 184
Map is here

HEHEHEHE..but u must really try the salted egg yolk prawns..
and say u r recommended by David Lim.