Friday, January 15, 2010

Weight Loss Update

Ermm..actually..i mean weight gain updates!!
Look at this picture and u will know...
I must stop it totally...
I've been doing that ever since I found out that I do not have diabetes...

No diabetes means I can eat whatever i want?
My lowest weight was about 65kg..and now I am approximately...
can you believe it...!?!?!?!
I'm so upset with myself and i wasted my own efforts...


Tricia said...


Don't stress yourself out. The more you try, the harder it gets. This I know from my many-many years of trying to loose weight. The minute I loose a few pounds, I "get happy" and starts to eat!

On the opposite side, the more I try to cut down, the hungrier I get! I Crave more and more!

Now, I understand what they mean by moderation and life style change. It will take a longer time, but it will be easier and your weight will not be like a yo-yo ... which is not very healthy!

On days that you can "control" the way you eat (for me it will be Mon-Fri), eat healthy.

On days that I can't (basically Sat and some Sun) I try to "order" healthier food ... even if I couldn't, I don't beat myself up ... I just eat less of the not so healthy foods.

By doing so I avoid craving for those "not so healthy" foods.

Also, (try) avoid sauces, especially those with lots sugar or salt.

Take baby steps ... don't get angry with yourself when you fall off the wagon.

Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get right back on it!

Big-Girlicious said...

Yes Tricia..thank you for your advice..
maybe i rush into things to fast..and did not adapt to my new diet after all..
got to go slow...
i will try again! thank you very much! =) and thanks again for following my blog..

Anonymous said...

Yohoo...more temptation coming during CNY....must control...control.
HAHAH ...I also having a hard time..but try our best.
How's your new flat? everything settled? so started to source for contractor to renovate?

Big-Girlicious said...

Hey lyn.first apt got to wait till march 10th..which is so long long long long..! =( i wont buy hdb in future liaoz..i think i will stay and just die there..HAHA!
i think i will use my uncle as contractor leh..
hows ur home kitchen sink?