Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fresh Durians after 1year+!

The durian season is here again!
I've not eaten durian for a long long time...
So we bought some to share with my in laws..

1 mao shang wang, and 5 D24..
Wah the mao shan wang alone cost $17~
and its not a really big one...
this is my first time eating mao shan wang!

Someone is aiming at the durians!

it's piano!!

Aim at the left and aim at the right~~

After our dinner...
she's still aiming!

Mao shen wang is indeed different from the other durians~!
but i believe that this is not the best mao shan wang..a budget one i guess..HEHE...

And when we finished a few durians...
we saw this!
A durian burglar!!

she can't stop licking and eating! although there's no durian flesh...
Super greedy!!
I tried to shift her from behind..and she wanted to bite me!
SO scary~~~~~~~~~
She's not supposed to eat!

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