Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bread for lunch?

Whoah..my blog is turning into a 'bread blog' !

I have 2 slices of left over milk bread from Sunday night's tutorial..
I do not want to waste them,
so i got to clear it!

I steamed it and it became even softer...

made some egg mayo spread to go with the bread
Hard boiled egg, japanese cucumber and a small amount of miracle whip

Mix and mash it
I added black pepper and seaweed to the egg mixture
if you want it to be abit saltish, then add a pinch of salt...

Spread it onto the bread & top with more black pepper...

& Enjoy!

And that's my lunch!
Simple and fast!!
my younger sis saw me eating and requested for the other piece...
Thanks for sharing my calories!!! HAHA!!! =)


Puffy's said...

so nice... I wan to make bread too!! I love bread more than cakes actually.. hahaha...

Big-Girlicious said...

hey try this milk bread recipe this wkend! truely good! and ur family will ask u to bake it every wk after eating it, dont need to buy bread in stores already!