Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getuk Ubi 木薯糕

I'm not a person who will buy kueh from stores...
but my mummy is mostly interested in buying them...
1 week ago, Sin Ming Newspaper started to post the recipes of nonya kueh...
and my mum collected them...
contemplating to make them one day~~

All the recipes are easy...
and she wanted to make this in the end...
& we did it together...
Getuk Ubi...木薯糕...

I tried to make some decorations~~

a very easy recipe using simple ingredients..
we doubled the recipe to make into a 8 inches big kueh..then cut it up...
and cost price is only about 3 bucks..
So economical too!


Recipe as follows:

Tapioca Layer
500g Steamed tapioca
100g water
1/2 tsp salt

1. Steam the tapioca, and while it's still hot, add in salt, and mash it.
For a better texture, you can leave some tapioca in bite sizes.
2. Pour the water into the mashed tapioca and mix well.
3. Lay a banana leaf in the cake tin.
4. Press the tapioca mixture into the cake tin, make sure that it's pressed till very firm, to prevent the kueh from splitting apart while cutting up after steaming.

Sugared coconut layer
100g fresh grated coconut
70g red sugar (gula merah)

1. Mix the red sugar with the fresh grated coconut and mix them really well.
2. Spread the sugared coconut onto the pressed tapioca mixture, and press it firmly too.
3. When it's firm enough, use a satay stick/skewer to poke many holes in the kueh, so the red sugar coconut juice will seep into the tapioca layer while steaming.
4. Cover the cake tin with aluminium foil loosely, and steam the kueh on high heat for 25 minutes.

Tips: Cut the kueh up when it's completely cooled, it will be easier

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