Friday, November 13, 2009

我的美丽日记 Masks for sale!

Hi my dear readers...
One of my friend is selling these at her loss and your gain...
@ $1.50 per mask...
Inclusive of local normal postage!

Black Pearl Mask (8pcs on hand)
Skin Type: All skin types especially skin which is dull and lacks firmness.

Characteristics: Combining the active ingredients from the black pearl together with extracts from the marine and plants, it enhances the hydration of the skin improving radiance. Natural vitamin C extracted from plant essence helps to exfoliate gently, removing dead skin on the surface. This allows for deep moisturizing, improving skin elasticity, energizing the skin for a healthy, radiant look.

Natto Rejuvenating Mask (10pcs on hand)
Skin Type: All skin types especially dull, dehydrated skin.

Characteristics: R-PGA compound are found in Natto Extract in which helps to form a thin protective layer on the surface of our skin to prevent moisture loss & effectively penetrates into our skin for intensive hydration. Bio-Active Silanols & Algae Extract helps to regain lustre of our skin.Essences of Natto are rich in isoflavone which helps to reducing signs of aging like fine lines & wrinkles. At the same time, it regains elasticity back to our skin.

Provence Lavender Mask (10pcs on hand)
Skin Type: All skin types even for sensitive skin.

Characteristics: Lavender Essential Oil is rich in vitamin C and has soothing and relaxing properties. The aroma helps to clam and relax the tension accumulated in the skin restoring balance. The essence from Marigold Extract, Arnica and St John's Wort are effective for regulating sensitive skin for healthy and radiant skin. Lotus Extract‘s cleansing and calming properties can help in cleansing the dead skin as well as soften and hydrate the skin. The oil from Sweet Almond Protein can penetrate deep into the skin to prevent sensitive from dryness of skin and improve the skin hydration retaining function, creating a soft and smooth skin texture.

Apple Polyphenol Mask (10pcs on hand)
Skin type: Suitable for all skin types, especially for skin with enlarged pores.

Characteristics: The temperate Cotton Rose Acid aids to tighten the pores effectively. It eliminates dead skin cells, improves and preventing of enlarged pores. Through balancing of oil secretion, supple and radiance skin can be achieved.

Aloe Vera Mask (10pcs on hand)
Skin Type: All skin types especially dry, damaged skin.

Characteristics: Natural Aloe Extract consists various kind of vitamins which are able to provide nutrients & hydration required by our skin. The essence from Rosehip improves the dryness & roughness condition of our skin. Amino acids & trace element that are found in Algae-Yeast Complex are able to penetrate into our skin providing nourishment & moisture to our skin. Hyaluronic Acid are added to maximize hydration for our skin. The mask is also highly recommended for skin after prolonged exposure of sunlight as it helps to soothe the damaged skin. Natural gelatin aids in firming our skin & minimizing our enlarged pores.

Yoghurt Mask (8pcs on hand)
Skin Type: All skin types especially oily skin.

Characteristics: The essence was extracted from Yogurt which provides deep nourishing and aids in maintaining a fresh and oil free skin. In addition of Witch Hazel, Birch and Walnut Extract, it provides deep hydration and soothing effect for the skin.The biochemistry science and technology Extract - Hyaluronic Acid are highly effective in locking of moisture and providing in-depth hydration.


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