Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ondeh Ondeh + Black Hokkien Mee + Fried Prawns

Another peaceful sunday night...

we have a guest at home!

playing a duet with my small sister...
they are going to perform in my year end concert for my students.. =)

So when there's a guest here, there's always food!
So..here's our dinner~~
Mummy's Hokkien Mee....
the recipe was actually passed down from our grandma...
She once owned stalls which sold lor mee, prawn mee and duck mee!!
A pity that she lost the battle to cancer when she was just merely 50 yrs old...
and i don't remember her at all...

Fried Prawn coated with batter....
this goes really well with mayonnaise~!

mummy also made ondeh ondeh~~for our dessert...

No artificial colourings in there...

recipe is from Sin Ming Newspaper too..
used shredded coconut with gula melaka as filling...
more work to be done because normally people just wrap a piece of gula melaka in the skin...

Next time we will try just using gula melaka as filling~~
One bite and the gula melaka's juice oozing out kind of feeling should be very thrilling too!

Recipe as follows (we altered it abit)

Glutinous Dough:
400g glutinous rice flour
350g coconut milk
80g steamed sweet potato

1. Mix all ingredients together and knead into a smooth dough.
( Our experience is do not add in the coconut milk in at once, it may be too wet in the end)
you can add in colourings at this point and knead further.

300g fresh grated coconut
150g gula melaka
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp glutinous rice floor
40g water

1. Melt the gula melaka in the water with low heat,
add in grated coconut and keep stirring till nearly dry

Additional ingredients:
Some pandan leaves
more fresh grated coconut(to coat ondeh ondeh)

1. Take a portion of dough, mould into a ball and press down in the middle.
Stuff the fillings in and seal tightly
2. Mould it like a round Glutinous Rice Ball
3. Boil a pot of water, add in some pandan leaves.
4. Cook the ondeh ondeh in the water until it floats up.
5. Coat the ondeh ondeh while it's still hot by dumping it into the additional grated coconut.

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