Monday, February 8, 2010

A Step Nearer!!

I purchased some wallpapers online~
they are really cheap... =)
thanks to the spree organiser..!!

We want a homely feeling~


Nice smell~~
We decided to go meat free in our kitchen!
because there will be so many animals in the house..
we have to be animal friendly...
So..only vegetarian dishes will be served in our home..
isn't that great!?!?!

And I couldn't wait till we get the house keys to ask for renovation's quotation!
so asked for the owner's permission and went ahead to discuss about reno!
The little pigeon hole to the kitchen..should we knock all and make it big or keep this small hole?
Any opinions??
In the view of fengshui..having a small hole is good..
means your fortune will not flow out..HAHA!
but is that crap??

The really old kitchen...!
our major reno works will be for the kitchen...
and I don't think i will be able to have my country style kitchen =(

An additional room beside the toilet...
and it will be my future laundry room!

The bathroom..
Quite dirty right!

And the toilet..
I'm goin to change the toilet bowl..looks quite yucky~~

That's all for now~~
i hope that reno can start 1 month later..
and i can move in really soon!!


Anonymous said...


Can feel your excitement, but do consider changing the wiring and piping too. For old flats like mine, if you stay another few years problems will start to sparkle. Mine is piping leaking in the kitchen. For your consideration hoh...
If the flooring tiles is slippery..change all too..avoid accidents...esp next time you'll be expecting and kids running ard.


Big-Girlicious said...

HEHE..Yeah im starting to get excited..and abit nervous too..

thank u for the advice =)

we are actually doing everything..basically..cos it's too old and we plan to stay for a long time..
so all floorings, re pipe re wire..make new cabinets..
and change the gate..make false ceiling for bedrooms and living room..
all the others can keep..and just repaint.HAHA..hope it dont come up to a big sum~~

Elaine said...

I had an open concept kitchen in my previous house and a kitchen with a door in my current house.

In my opinion, a kitchen with a door is certainly better espeically for me who enjoys cooking. When I had an open concept kitchen, even with a good hob, I had to clean up the entire house each time I cooked. Cos the smell and the grime would stay with the furnishings. That puts me off cooking especially for elaborate dishes. Now that I have a sliding door to the kitchen, washing is strictly restricted to the kitchen. It's really more practical. And also makes my life so much easier. Just my opnions :)

Big-Girlicious said...

Hi Elaine! =)
thank u very much for your comment..i also wanted a sliding door..but then there is not enough space cos we are goin to build the oven next to the hole...

What if there's no frying in the kitchen..? will it still be sticky and smelly? =)

And when we have limited cash, some things cant be done like what we want =( quite sad..but there's always a next time..HEHE..