Saturday, February 13, 2010

~Reunion Lunch~

For the 2010 Lunar New Year's Reunion meal,
my family had lunch instead of dinner.
First time in our life..HAHA..
But at least not that rush for everyone...going to and fro~~
Today's sky....

Exceptionally Blue!!

Huat ah!!!

Happy people =)
I like...

Steamboat ingredients~!

B4 we eat...take a family picture first!

Lets tuck in!

What are these 2 small cuties doing there?

Hot favourite! Cornflake cookies!
My family and friends love them! =)
I will take in orders starting from next year....

Time flies and now I'm at my in law's house preparing for Reunion Dinner...
Enjoy your holidays and be happy!! =)
Gong Xi Gong Xi!! ROARRRRRR~~!!

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