Thursday, February 18, 2010

~Reunion Dinner~

Chicken stock simmered for a day! =)
Sweet and yummy!

Piano can't wait to reunite with us!!!

Until sleepy~~

Food Food Food!
Shrooms and tofu~~

Chicken fillets...

The fish dumplings?

The plate of hidden carbo...

Chewy Abalone!

Lots of veggies!

Getting ready...

The excited piano!

And we tried to take a family pic...
Oops..father drinking soup..mother looking else where..and piano looking at the food!!!!

~~Take 2~~
A more 'proper' picture..although father is still looking elsewhere
and piano still trying to look at food!!!
And we nom nom nom nom....all the wayyyyyyyy....

Holiday is over!!!! HAHA!!!
How do u feel??
my day is always more fulfilling when I go to work~~
if I don't work, I will feel like a loser...
Arghh~~am i really a workaholic!?


Piglets said...

Happy New year!! : )

going back to work on monday. sian. : P. So different from you : )

Big-Girlicious said...

My weight is going up all the way!! Feel so much bloated up now =(

and i went back to work on wednesday already!! HAHA!! so u really had a good and long holiday!!!!

Piglets said...

me too me too up up the way!! haaaa... have to watch my eating, big tummy coming out again : (

Big-Girlicious said...

HAHA!my 3 layers fats came out..and super double chin!! OH man..i tell myself to stop but i cant stop eating.. =(

Anonymous said...

Where to get the fish dumpling? is it nice? ahahaha...only the steamboat attracts me.....i love steamboat.
Lyn too...when to my usual shop to do marketing...the lady boss laughed and said my face round round after CNY....sob sob.

Big-Girlicious said...

HAHA! some bought from market and some from ntuc..i dont think its nice leh..cos its the soft kind..not chewy~ WAHAHA!!

HAHA~ so did ur weight increase?mine very tremendous!!!! pai seh to tell u =(

Anonymous said...

hahaha...increase a few kg so now also trying to lose weight.
yayaya...keep to yourself...we shall meet again when your flat is ready....can't wait to see your new flat.