Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Udon in an Italian Way!

Have u tried mixing udon and spaghetti's sauce b4?
I was trying to look for some spaghetti or pasta, but i couldn't find it~~
So..i had this idea to use my udon! =)
that's a meal for one!
udon in italian way 1
very simple ingredients that you'll need...no oil involved~!
Button mushrooms, a tomato and Udon...
as for seasoning..just some black pepper and a packet of Ketchup!

My way of doing it:
1. Cut the tomato into to half, one for dicing and the other for blending which will be the sauce
2. Slice the button mushrooms.
3. Cook the udon in boiling water, meanwhile you can heat up the blended tomato sauce. Just add in the mushrooms & diced tomatoes.
4. Toss udon into the mushroom sauce. Sprinkle black pepper.
5. Let it simmer for just a minute, remember not to overcook the mushrooms and udon.
6. Off the stove fire & mix the packet of ketchup in. If you feel that it's not salty enough, a pinch of salt can be sprinkled into the sauce. If you want more flavour & aroma, just sprinkle some herbs like oregano..
7. Lastly, serve.... !

And here u go!
A meal in less than 20 minutes!
Nonetheless, it's healthy! and it will be even better if you omit the packet of ketchup.

The Udon's texture is a little bit like spaghetti!
And there's some chewiness in it!

And i love mushrooms!
Any kind of mushroom will be good for me!
Hope my readers will find my recipe easy to follow =)
Why bother to buy store bought pasta sauces when u can make it on your on in such a short time... Try it!

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