Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why are there so many bugs!?

I have no idea..why does the kitchen have so many bugs?
there's bugs in my flour...and now...even all the grains... =(
My favourite 8 treasures grain...filled with creepy crawlers...
it's very Q and fragrant!! I wanted to use these to cook porridge for ytd's dinner!

but sad to say..i got to throw them away...too many of them..disgusting
i found these bugs in my japanese grain too!!
I won't allow this to happen in my new home!


Tricia said...

I had one of those 'episodes' sometime ago ... I had to throw out alot of stuff ... plus those things grow bigger and can fly!!!

I had to wash everything and wipe everything down. Stopped getting grains and stuff for about 1 month.

Also becareful of dried mushrooms ... they get into them too.

They spread very easily!!

Tricia said...

p/s: Forgot to mentioned, you probably got it from some grains/rice you bought. Now, whenever I buy any dry stuff, I check and check and check

Big-Girlicious said...

Hi Tricia..
u mean i have to throw everything away? HAHAHA..my mum will kill me! normally she will still use it...
but this time round it's getting too many..I don't dare to look at the cupboard anymore..hahahaha

thank u for ur advise..i will check and check in future!