Thursday, February 19, 2009

おいしい onigiri !!!

I'm gona make ONIGIRI!
It's my first attempt...
The simplified way to make sushi rice..~~

Sprinkle the vinegar powder to the rice & stir non stop~
till it cool down~~

Add some jappy seasoning to the rice

Mix Mix!

Grilled salmon~~
HOHOHOHO...healthy neh!
No oil at all~~only omega 3 oil~~

Then i started to mold my first few onigiris!

Wrapped it with nori~~

Look at the fillings in there~~
WAH SEH~~~DRoOlzzzz....

My customers~~

Why that kind of expression???
cos they were "stunned" by the wasabi!!!!

eat 2 and u will feel very full!

Tmr's lunch for lao gong!!
I will definitely try with other seasoning and stuffings in future!
おいしい !!!!!!


celcilia_tjioe said...

I want too, Coraine!
I always love glutinous rice, and salmon as the fillings? *slurpp!!*

linda said... my gal will scream if she see what you make.
she love sushi.......and i feel so guilty never try making only buy from the stall.

Can teach me....i really dunno how to make but will love to make for recess, she dun like salmon only crab meat....what exactly must i buy? i hope to do it during the march holiday.

You so guide your students, not so true about the homework for kids, i believe they are in better school hence so much stree. Mine is normal neighbourhood school so homework not so loaded, it is from mummy and papa instead...heeee

good to start on the TCM, build up your health first and when you're ready to conceive wow lah....pls give me step by step guide for sushi with crab meat roll k? email to rush i do it during the march holidya....KUM SIA KUM you deep deep


Big-Girlicious said...

Hi Celcilia!!
Is that considered as glutinous rice? im not sure..HEHE..cos it's the rice that they use to make sushi~~
but eat already very fat!!! =)

Hi Lyn!
I've emailed u liaoz!!

OOOo....means u give assessments to your girl ah..HEHE..but then too relax also not good..too stress also not good..Hard to balance la!!

celcilia_tjioe said...

Give me one copy of the recipe also can? =)

Big-Girlicious said...

Hey i've sent an email to your HOHOHO