Friday, February 13, 2009

25 things about me

Celcilia tagged me in her blog called "the title will be the last answer"
but i dont have an i pod nor i will post someting else...

25 things about me! (if you wanna know more about me, then read on)

1. I have a blog @

2. I have a lao gong named Tommy Chen

3. I want to have our own house

4. I love kids very much

5. I am health conscious

6. Love to buy organic foods

7. Want to lose weight

8. I am a piano teacher who wants all my students to be good and listen to me

9. I have many unfulfilled dreams

10. My 6th sense is always very accurate~~

11. I'm "Lady Love" to my frens & family..they will come and look for me when they have unsolvable problems.

12. I always have itchy foot..
very unbearable..
and i will use hot water to stop the itch

13. I once stayed in KK hospital for an Operation to get rid of my fibroids

14. I am balding!!! =(

15. I come in contact with "eerie stuffs" ...u know wat rite... "dirty stuffs"

16. I've quit eating sashimi, lamb chop, french fries, potato chips, taiwan sausages which was all previously my favourite food

17. I can drink 3 packets of ice green tea per day in the past. (Now no more)

18. I love to gossip with everyone!

19. I'll always say some farny stuffs or do some farny actions to attract pple's attention

20. I'm a very talkative person, can talk the whole day NON STOP.

21. Love animals alot

22. Likes to wear tight clothes! but too fat to do so.

23. Met too many weird incidents on the road till i'm afraid to drive now

24. I fell into the school pond when i was in pri 6 (CLUMSY!)

25. I love all the pple around me. although some of them get on my nerves at times!


celcilia_tjioe said...

Here I am again! Haha.. (u know wat made me here rite?)
Thanks for accepting the challenge. I laughed out loud at #22!

Big-Girlicious said...

HHAHAHAHA!!i tink next time u write in my comments OK? i will come and check =)

Hey number 22 is bcos the pic is farny rite..haha

elsa ng said...

meimei, i wish ur dreams come true! i actually laughed at #24.............. hohohoho, u should have told us in sp.. then have much more entertainments..


Big-Girlicious said...

Thank u miss elsa..hope that ur dreams will come true too~~hehehehe..dreams come true!!!your idol!!!

& ah..ermm..u know la..poly days im so quiet..i dont even talk much..and dont know wat to say didnt tell u all about these..