Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Valentine's Day!!

I rushed home from work in the afternoon
& started to make egg tartz!
Wanna give lao gong a surprise!
Wah i was so nervous!
cos it's very rush!
he's reaching my house already~~!

So i quickly decorated the box & put the tarts in!
Nice?? HEHE!

& here he comes...
He didnt realise it..
until i asked him to take a seat...

"what's that?"
I kind of succeeded in surprising him!

WHoah!he's favourite!

He ate it straight away!
cos it's still fresh from the oven...served warm...HOHOHO...

He ate 2!

& we exchanged gift after that...
Went to jia wei restaurant for our Lo-man-ti-ka dinner!
Will update again~~

tmr or monday nite...i tink..

& wish all my blog readers a
It's not easy to meet each other in the big big world...
so please cherish every moment
both of u can spend together..
it's definitely precious...

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