Thursday, May 14, 2009


My dad asked me to make some onigiris & sushi...
cos he bought 2 packets of seaweed, expiring in 2 weeks time!
I made these tamago myself...
And my brother doesn't believe!

Tamago need to be made in a square pan,
but i used a round pan,
so not bad la!
I did not follow any recipes..just beat the eggs, add in sugar and salt...

& there's tamago sushi!

Maki again!

More maki!

Onigiri with salmon fillings....

Wah!super full man!!!
I tink my dad enjoyed eating the most..HAHA!


elle said...

wah,drooling ler. next time can order from u?hhahahaha

Big-Girlicious said...

hehe..looks nice only..i feel that it was rather plain..
so somemore we dont have shoyu to go with the sushis..haha