Friday, May 15, 2009

Piano's 4th Birthday!

I baked this apple carrot cinnamon wholemeal cake for piano!
I failed in my first try...
and this was the 2nd one...lucky i succeeded!!

Lucky Piano!!
She was afraid of the candle...

But she can't wait to dig into the cake!!

Be patient....Let's take some pics first!

As usual, a kiss from me...
but seems like she's hiding away for me =(
she always does that!

Automatically kissed lao gong!!!

I cut the cake up and she started eating non stop!

Till like this!
Cos she loves it!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to Piano and myself!
~~We wish for world peace
health + love in every family~~


Princess said...

eh cool! din noe ur bday and piano's the same. Happy bday to both of you! Piano looks so cute now!

Big-Girlicious said...

Hey thanks sotona! i tink nobody knows that we share the same bird day,.WAHHA