Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday's Dinner...

whenever some1 is coming over to our house for dinner/lunch,
my mum will cook more...
and ytd my man was usual...
And here's our dinner~~
Pan fried soft bone fish + pan fried batong
All fried! Sin!

I really love soft bone fish alot, no matter it's plain or fried...

This is crispy at the outside...


Filled with veggies, yam, tofu, some roast pork~with the gluey gravy!

One whole pot of hot and sour soup~~

Theres shitake & enoki mushrooms + tofu + black fungus + ginger....
Put loads and loads of vinegar and it will taste very "SHOCKING"!

And we had snacks right after dinner while watching tv...!!

Jagabee is very small in quantity but super good!!
and Zhang Jun Ya Xiao Mei Mei...tastes like Mamee~~

We are greedy!
I supposed to be on a diet... Oops.. =X

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