Thursday, October 1, 2009

Teochew Spiral Yam Mooncake

Don't you just love those layers and layers of spiral effect on teochew mooncakes!?

This is my first try on making mooncakes...and i dared myself to bake this..
I've not tried on making flaky skins too...~
so...this is my many first times by baking this...

1 big pile of yam....

was so glad to see this!
i knew i was 50% successful~~

But disaster came...
Most of them fell apart after baking...~ =(

And this is my 2nd tray..~~
it's much nicer~~Phewww~~

I think improvements can be made!
and now im more confident in making Siew bao...char siew sou...and spiral curry puff!!!
didn't have the courage to try all these with flaky skins~~

I gave my in laws 4 mooncakes...
as my mil is a teochew...she loves it...
glad that she likes it!! HAPPY!!
cos i spent a long long time...about 6 hours~~!
Taken by my man's DSLR...from this picture onwards...
so the colour looks totally different from the above pics~~

I don't have any fancy mooncake boxes to go with..
so i used this cutie flag to decorate!


Have a bite! =)

But i'm dead beat 8 hours~~~
really no joke...~~
b4 that I also baked cookies for my students...
but in the end..i decided not to give this batch as it's not up to my expectation
i will re-do and improve on it! =)

Will update very soon!

Recipe adapted from:


elle said...

wah,congrats. it's a big success hor. Salute salute.So now mil sure love u deep deep liao la.可喜可贺. Btw, where's mine ar? waiting.....

Puffy's said...

wow... looks good for first try!!! is not easy to make these type of mooncake... Brave !

8hrs is defintely no joke.. but worth it! =)

Big-Girlicious said...

elle: xie xie ni la~~but she didn't comment about anything =( and ur's...u really wana wait huh..then next year already! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Tracy: thank uthank u!! actually is 4+hrs for this mooncakes...should have rolled the pastry finer...cos now abit thick..~ =) u wanna try?

elle said...

huh? wait till next year ar. wah, my neck will be as long as giraffe's