Friday, April 3, 2009

Char Siew Bao! =p

I'm making my own char siew for the bao!
Marinated for 6 hours~~

Cook in the sauce~~
Spent nearly 2 hours to get this
Succulent & tender char siew~~
I'm very happy to see the results!

Diced Char Siew~~

Cooked to make it as Bao fillings!
I added water, corn flour, sesame oil, dark & light soya sauce, oyster sauce~~
cook till thick~~

The risen bao dough~~

I s*ck at pleating!

Look super disgusting!

My more presentable baos~~

I love the char siew~~~~
very fresh~~


This looks like a bread~~

Bao dough's recipe: Amy Beh
Non Bake Char Siew: Baking Mum

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