Monday, April 13, 2009

A Sunday Full of Food!!

I always love family day!
cos we can enjoy our lives~~~
chit rot....cook....laugh together!

Lunch created by mummy~~
Orangy prawns~

Dao POK!

Fresh hard boiled eggs~~
too fresh it's hard to peel!

Fried Beancurd~

Mother's chilli~

Loads of lime~~

& here u go~~
Yummy Mummy Home made Mee Siam!

And in the late afternoon...i started to prepare dinner~~

Grilled salmon~~

Jappy rice~~

& i made onigiri again!


This is made by my auntie and grandma~~

By auntie and grandma~~

Rojak by my auntie & grandma too~~

And the last one!
Wah very smooth hor??

I just put crab stick & jappy fish cake as ingredients...

all of us were so so so so so super duper full!!!!!!


.+¤mao~* said...

I'm envious!! I wanna make chawanmushi that pretty too! hahahaha!

Big-Girlicious said...

hey come la..very easy one i teach u~ =D

.+¤mao~* said...

i love chawanmushi~
the one i had at kushin bo was eek =/

Anonymous said...


I want to make CHAWANMUSHI too.

Can email me?



Big-Girlicious said...

mehmeh..why their chawanmushi not nice?the taste?or texture?

Linda..i will email you the recipe soon~HAHAHA..

.+¤mao~* said...

the taste.. alot of soy sauce added @@

i like the ones at waraku~~~

Big-Girlicious said... bcome salty chawamushi ah??

I tink waraku they put the lime on top a weird taste..WAHAHA

i like ichiban's one more~~hehe

.+¤mao~* said...

yeah.. but the lime so small, cannot squeeze also.. =X

never tried ichiban before! tsk tsk!

Big-Girlicious said...

u know wat..i just came back from ichiban...*BURP*
remember we should meet up and eat ichiban!?!?! hehe!!!soon OK?? let me know when

Anonymous said...

Thanks Coraine..


.+¤mao~* said...

yeah! haha.. seems like you really like that place.. will discuss with you on our date =P

Big-Girlicious said...

hmm..not really like la..but not much choices in neighbourhood places leh~~

hope to meet up with u soon la!! =)

Big-Girlicious said...

hey welcome leh! =) take pictures of ur food OK!?!?!?!