Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Bird Day 老公!!

Hi 老公! it's your 32nd bird day!
Here's a virtual cake for u my dear!
I don't have any presents or proper cake for u...
And u said that it's just like any other day...
I failed to make u feel special...& we still got to work as usual...
But I wanna let u know...

Although I never say my words out loud everytime,
I still care about and love u~~
My actions had already made it all clear to u~~
time flies...it's already the 5th year...
And I'm sure we will be as loving as ever!

Since you are looking at this blog post,
I'm sure that u've already seen my surprise card placed on the laptop...
i placed it there secretly b4 we left house today.

I wish you success in everyting u do!

Love u lots lots lots lots lots! Infinity!

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