Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Bird Day Yi !!

It's Jing Yi's bird day!
Everybody getting old..and im even older than them! FAINTzzzzz

tanjong katong road's paradise on earth....
for buffet!!
So heres Mayvis + her boy, Alvin...

Jing Yi + her boy, Andy...

Look at the wide spread...

We ordered the satay soup + fish head soup

Filled with food!

Frankly speaking...
my mouth was dry to the max after the meal...~
i had no choice but drink coca cola~~
too thirsty!
Suspect its MSG in the soup~~~

& so was raining and we cant ride the bicycle~~
so we played bowling at east coast instead~~
Getting ready at the counter~~

Look at my shoe...eeww..broken..and so smelly~~

The expert!
He either get spare or strike~~!

See all our "BEAUTIFUL" poses!

We went to parkway for a walk after the bowling session~~
it was still drizzling abit~~

& we ate @ swensens again!

1 couple share a main course~~

ermm..i dont know wat is this called..
lets call it chicken baguette with cheese..WAHAHA

un-melted cheese~~hehe

Breaded chicken!

Mushroom & salmon baked rice~~
Wah can see that im really bloated in the pics after the buffet~~

Dessert time!!
White chocolate blondie~~


Banana crumble again!

So full~~
even though we shared the meal~~

OK Yi....
this is for u~~~
Dont work too hard till affect your sleep and health hor~~
i'm afraid i will see a panda in our next gathering!
and lastly, hope u can get married soon! hehe..
can see that u and andy getting more and more loving liaoz..
but dont forget us OK.. love ya~~!


.+¤mao~* said...

the steamboat! XD

Big-Girlicious said...

hey this is the one i told u leh~
u wanna go?

.+¤mao~* said...

yeah! i noticed.. hehee.. we can have our date there too =P