Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Good Friday!

It's a Holiday for us!
And lao gong started to take some lame pics of my sis~~
Sis in a cup for sale~~

Orange monster!

And after our lunch (hor fun),
we washed up to go for cycling session!

Walking to east coast!

Here we are!!
Quite crowded~~

We rented 2 bicycles...
a double rider for my sis & me (this girl dont know how to ride!),
a mountain bike for lao gong~~
cost us $19 for 1 hour,
so ex rite???

So tired!
Anyway she is just acting!
Half of the time she's just resting her leg on the bicycle.
I'm the one doin the work.. ArghH~~
we nearly had 2 "collisions"~i dont have luck in riding a bicycle..
just like driving...~~

The unsatisfied man after an hour of riding~
he wants more!
but it was about to rain~
thunder and lightning!

Lucky we reached the rear gate when it started to rain~~
but still drenched~~

Good weather to stay home!


Anonymous said...

yohoooo.we went swimming at Tampines Swimmng Complex. So tired after 2 hours of swimming but my monsters are more energetic than me. Help ...Save me !!!!!! I really no stamina to keep up with them


Big-Girlicious said...

Wah ur kids can swim very well!?
so cool !if u cannot make it then they can save u!! =) HAHAHAHA..
im so wicked..u really like bz woman nowadays hor>

Anonymous said...

they play water can swim abit bec primary school got swimming boy also swim with his float..haahahha

bz huh? a bit better.

last few weeks was FNA Year End Closing so bery busy at work.

You also busy tempting me with so many pics.


Big-Girlicious said...

wah have kids like really fun leh!HAHAHAHA!!but i tink also tired la..cos wkday got to work so hard then wkend got to play hard~

Yeah year end closing very xiong one fren often work till past midnite...dont need to go home liaoz..HAHA..

so wat are u gona cook next!?

Anonymous said...

i want to make the tofu and the steam egg .ahahahaha

Kids and my fav


Big-Girlicious said...

remember to take photo and email me oK?hehe..!!!i kpo..wanna see..

oh ya..forgotten to include that..remember to let the tofu cool completely b4 slicing up..cos i sliced it up while its warm..and it breaks easily..use very sharp knife!

Anonymous said...

the cling scary...high heat steaming 15 mins...can plastic last so long...

ahahaha me very lazy to take pic want..the min is cook, i call my clan and they will gulp everything down.

BTW, my ang lao bday coming in May. He wants a seafood buffet..any recommendation?? 2 of us will go on a weekday..i remember Valentine you go one hotel..looks good? any other recommendation?


Big-Girlicious said...

I also scared initially leh!! then i read the direction..can put in microwave somemore..HAHAHA!!! faint...!!

anyway ur family love ur cooking can liao! hehehehehee

Wah ur ang's bird day same as me leh!! =) seafood buffet have alot leh! theres on international seafood..they have buffet during's at east coast.quite cheap.but some reviews say not that good..

there's one buffet at park royal @ kitchener road. quite good leh~!HAHA!! aiyo..alot la..HAHAHAHA

the hotel that i went to is mecure roxy hotel @ opposite parkway parade..nearer for u hor?

Anonymous said...

mecure roxy hotel - i try this?
your bday in May too? wow ....
This comment thing very troublesome, i got a hardtime finding where i post it..till today
Haiz haiz..


Big-Girlicious said...

Yeah u can go try that...
one person about 78++
dont know u like or not leh...

my bday 15 may~HAHAHA..when's ur bday??