Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Aglio Oglio~

in the morning, i cooked this for lao gong to pack it for lunch~~
I cooked again for myself again for lunch~~

This is kind of my own version of Aglio Oglio...

Lots of garlic~~


3 kind of mushroom~~
swiss button, white button and portobello mushrooms

Wholemeal spaghetti~~


I cooked it in this way~
Sauteed garlic in some oil,
add in bacon....
when bacon is 3/4 cooked...throw in the mushrooms...
sprinkle black pepper~~

Add in the spaghetti when the mushroom is 3/4 cooked~~
then sprinkle more black pepper...
i sprinkled alot alot alot alot alot!

Off the fire~~
And lastly add in bits of chilli...and some salt to taste...
stir it well...~~

I didnt add in any chilli in the end, cos the black pepper is hot enough!


Healthier than creamy pastas~~
although i really love creamy ones!

Try it! =p

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