Monday, October 5, 2009

The Old Civil Defence ( Telok Kurau Road )

Telok Kurau...the place where I grew up in...
till now..i will still dream of that place..
so memorable...

We drove there to have our dinner on last friday....
It was formerly a Civil Defence...and now it became a food center + hostel

My parents will always look at different directions when i wanna take their pictures..
so i always got to direct them...

Take 2~~
so distanced!

Angry brother..who asked me to stop taking photos of him~~
and the crazy sis!

My shy man~~

Here comes the food~!
The XO bee hoon! Their famous dish!

fried fish sliced XO bee hoon~~
the soup is super delicious! and thick!!
Woooooo~~~!! XO XO!!

Fish head bee hoon~~~
the soup is not that thick...i dont know why?

One bowl only cost $5.50...very big bowl!
worth it!

Some additional dishes...
Claypot tofu~
smooth and silky tofu~~~~

Prawn paste fried chicken....

Honey Pork Ribs...

Curry fish head ordered from another stall...indian+italian style food...
not too bad for $12 only!

We don't waste food..
so...we wiped everything out!!

We eat out quite often nowadays...
lack of veg and too much oily+fried stuffs...
i'm lucky that i didn't get a sore throat~~
I must quit eating all this!

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