Friday, October 30, 2009

A Ritual~~

Some Buddhism rituals to be done..
and it's another 'family gathering' for us!
although its a weekday, quite alot of pple went...

The 1 year old Lucas!

Poor baby..having flu...

All the meats!

Yam + pumpkin paste...

Egg tofu~~

Creamy fish~~

Fantastic tender pork ribs!!

Simple broccoli + mushrooms...

Sweet sauce prawns...

curry chicken..
the curry sauce taste like rendang!

Stir fried noodles...

Home cooked pig's trotter...

Glutinous rice...compliments from my mummy~~

Homemade pumpkin cake~~

Fried prawn dumplings...

Sotong balls

Mini ngor hiong...

First time ever nicest fruit punch~~
Food supplied by Manna catering's good!

And time for the babies to meet again~!
Not much of interactions only until night...

You you is quite grumpy!!

Stop taking my pictures!!

Cute little miss piglet!

She loves to drink bandung~~

Posing with baby~~

And im having sore throat plus flu now..
too many pple having these viruses...
the bugs are flying here and there..
And i actually got them! * SICK *

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