Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello!!! Double Chin!!!

Say hello to my double chin!!
and not forgetting layers of fats!!
It's back once again!!

This is the result of food indulgence for the past 3 months+....!!

Shame Shame~~
not balancing my daily meals well...& always lazing around....
i've put on lots and lots of weight!

Ahhhhhhhhh...about 69kg now...previously was 65kg!!
I can only help myself from now on!

My dear readers...Please support me OK???
I must do it! I can do it!
I will update one week later~about my progress...


elle said...

i support u.............. You can make it de. Must be very easy for u one. jia you

Anonymous said...

Support you and me : )

Not able to lose more think too greedy, eat and eat : P

jia you

coconuts said...

Jiayou!~ Can de, you're alot of people's motivation!~

Piglets said...

Sorry foget to leave my name - Piglets ")

Big-Girlicious said...

thank u everybody!!! =)