Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Smuggled Again!

whose that carrying piano?

My mummy!
i smuggled piano back home again~
they only get to see each other twice a year..
so sad right...and secretly!

Piano loves the view from high floor~~


Think she wants to plunge into the pool for a swim!

what an innocent face....

Dinner time for pianO~!
Salmon..cabbage...green peas~~

After steaming, i added in macaroni~~
sumptuous meal!

Eating greedily~


She asked for more from my mummy
but was rejected...
then went to hid under the table~~
still cute? HEHE...

she stayed there for a night
and now back in my man's house~~sleepinggggggg....


elle said...

wahahaha, the pic tat she's under the table looks like racoon, only different colour. she looks fatter now or is it because of the hair? i think all dogs love high view, cos mine was like tat as well. She's not picky,huh. If mine sure will only eat the salmon but left the rest untouched. hahahaha

Big-Girlicious said...

HAHA!!shes not fatter actually..cos i controlled her diet these few days since im here..hehe!

last time she will pick out all the peas and not eat them, but now itink she is super duper greedy! so she gobble up anything!! HAHAHA!!