Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still Excited~~

I'm still very excited about my new house..
and along this 5 months of waiting...
I bought many things on the way...
There's too many to show...took pictures of a few here =)
My dining place mat =)
from daiso..very cheap...

Fridge handle protectors...towel and tray~~

more hand towels!

a multi purpose container..bake/freeze/store...

The above stuffs are all very cheap...
less than $4 for each item..HAHA!

I'm gona put salt in one of these containers....
any idea what to put in the other 2??
and this cost $7.90 only...

all under $10!
I really love my stuffs...~
I can't wait to move in...but i guess without furnitures first~~
just gona sleep on a mattress..HAHA!


Anonymous said...

Does that mean the seller has agreed to sell his house?
congrats.......i wanna visit your home once it's ready.

Big-Girlicious said...

Yes!! And we got our keys today. =) now the problem not enough..HAHAHA
we will move in after reno without furnitures still =) HAHA!!!!
so i will invite u when my furnitures are in OK!
thank u!