Monday, April 26, 2010

Yeah! Finally!

After the big Hoo Haa and the long wait...
we finally got our keys!!
you may be thinking that the wait for this house is only 5 months...
but the total years we've been trying to get a house is definitely longer
than the duration of Japanese occupation!!

and so this is the place... =)
the door to our happiness!

The seller turned up for completion..
because we know magic! HAHA! OK..just kidding..
Haiz..long story..but we really tried our very best for this to happen =)

But hey! here's our shiny keys!!!
Looking forward to my home sweet home...


elle said...

hey, congrats. So wat did u do to make him turn up finally? u go splash paint or hang pig head?wakakaka

Big-Girlicious said...

HAHAHA..i can tell u when i meet u! Long long story... =)
But we didnt do anything barbaric hor..hahahaha!!!
anyway thanks!!

Puffy's said...

Congrats gal... finally!!!! Can get to see your house soon??

BTW, Think i saw your lil sis yesterday on bus 189... hahah...

Big-Girlicious said...

Hey Tracy =) soon i guess..ermm..Mid May gona start reno..then complete in 1 month's time and by the time furniture are in...will be july already i guess! Happy! HAHA!!

That person is really my sis..she said thanks for your support!! WAHAHAHAHAHA..

Puffy's said...

hahaha... she look thinner is person ... tell her my pleasure yar.. but she really look listless ..

Great for you leh... you really waited long enough... Looking forward to see your country style home soon

hey.. i also recieve the dvd on the dun eat meat one.. i also scared liao .. dun dare to watch..
I tried to go without meat once.. but it is really hard... and especailly my hubby cannot leave without meat, is even harder. Think just take less...=)

Big-Girlicious said...

Hey..actually my sis knows you..i showed her your wedding pics once..and she remembered u since then..and say that u look like lin yi chen =) very mei!

aiya my country style home gone case i realise..without alot of country i can only make it feel like it is with my decorations =( sad hor..but then still my its OK long as theres hapiness in there..hows ur new home ah!? take more pics leh... ur hubby MUST have meat ah..same as me previously..i must have a meat..if not i wont feel satisfied..

Puffy's said...

Bloated lin yi chen ah... wahahhaa... say thanks for her support too for me... hahha... *happy*

already getting use liao... sometimes dun even feel like going out when at home.. jus wan to laz around..
I think as long as it is a place that can call your own, there is nothing better than that already liao..
Now when you going to get pregnant?? have you done your traditional wedding yet??

jia you on your quest to eliminate meat... i really do hope i can achieve that someday as well..

saw little clara's pics... really adorable.. your sis must be a proud mummy.. feel that clara look more like your sis.. =)

Puffy's said...

oh yar.. hope Piano is getting better! you look devestated in the pic..

Big-Girlicious said...

HAHA have u put on weight?i put on super time when i move..the stadium is just one road across my house..and i hope that i will be there regularly to do some exercises..or maybe will be like u lazy to go out HAHAHAHAHA...

I've not had my customary leh! Help! HAHAHA!! and i think most prob next yr...sian leh..HAHA!!

And u seldom bake nowadays??
thanks for the wishes for piano..aiyo~ i cried like crazy..