Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who likes to eat at Zi Char Stall??

Suddenly had the mood to treat my in laws for dinner..
I've not seen them for more than a week...HAHA
So we went to a zi char stall at toa payoh lor 7's market...
It's always crowded!

With his iced milo~~~

Super hot weather leads to a sweaty sticky me...

The fish steamboat...
i love those with charcoal and not gas...

A whole fish...~~
This cost $28~~

Prawn Paste Chicken Wing~~
$7~~very crispy and tasty!

Their famous " jia xiang dou fu"
really very nice..i'm not sure wat ingredients made the taste so heavenly...
i guess they put some cereal in...

The dou fu is super silky and wobbly~~~~
& it's $7!

Clean Clean!!!

Only left with soup~~

Total bil only $40.80!

worth it for 4 pax rite!?!?
Although it was really stuffy and warm!
we sweated like some mad PIGS!

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