Saturday, March 28, 2009

Healthy Steamed Double Layer Banana Cake

I made this steamed banana cake on thursday....
backdated =D

There's actually 2 layers...
bottom with banana mixture...
top is just egg sponge...
and this recipe only uses 65ml of oil...!
So healthy rite?

The banana part smells so nice~~
My lao gong love it!

I made another small banana loaf~~~~


i steamed another one today!!!
This time round together with my lao gong!!

It's the first time i get a cake out of the pan nicely~~

Lao gong and I were so excited
and beat the eggs too much till the cake became really crumbly!
No good~~
Arhh...and the bananas have no fragrance at all!!
sad.... =(

Recipe from: Aunty Yochana

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