Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Pet Kitty!

There's a cat always loitering around my block...
Cat staying in apartment?
it will be safer than does at the HDB estates...

I specially bought some tuna formula for cats..+ bits of wholemeal bread...

the tuna smells exactly like the can tunas for human consumption...~
(I know i wear like a freak again...but i played badminton b4 that, so just anyhow wear)

When she saw the food in my hands...
he/she went meow meow meow really loudly~~
Must be really hungry~~

Clean Clean!
she gobbled that up in 5 mins time!

Started to clean herself~~

Awww...such an adorable kitty!!
today im not at home...
so my mummy will feed him/her~~

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