Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yammy Milky Bread!

Yam..~~~Smells nice!

Mashed yam to make Yammy Milky Bread!!

My 1st plate of bread...

2nd plate of bread~~
With more patterns...

Looks like char siew soh~~

I like this longish pattern most...~~

After baking...
abit dark in colour..but not burnt...


Generous yam filling~~~!

A mini loaf...~~

Cut it up...
Wah this looks disgusting...~~

Everyone started to eat when it came out fresh from the oven~~!
Feedbacks were...
not sweet at all...HAHAHA... -_-````



specialkid said...

wow so tempting.
I would love to try this, yam fillings hmmm....can smell from yr pic.
So sad, didn't manage to get you to be my neighbour if not everytime also got fresh bakes to eat.......

Big-Girlicious said...

HEHE..u can also bake it urself!
one day u bake it..and ur mil will be super impressed~will love u forever and ever!!

Puffy World of Rong said...

i must agree with specialkid... these buns really look good .. nice and fluffy... i would love to have you as my neighbour.. hahaha...actually we are quite near now.. i am living at laguna now.. maybe can see you when I go running at east coast =)

Big-Girlicious said...

Whoah tracy..your dover house still not ready??
tell u a secret..i dont jog at lagoon anymore..HAHA..i prefer to do it at home..dont like pple to look at me.. =P
which block u staying in? sometimes i will walk to laguna park...

Puffy World of Rong said...

my dover house wun be ready till year end, so in the meantime laguna is my home..
I jog at night.. too dark to see me.. hahaha... i staying at Block E, who knows we may meet one day..
I also slacked for a long time liao.. at least you still do power walk at home..

Big-Girlicious said...

HEHE..actually i jog at home..power walk like no power if i dont do it for 1 hr or i tink jogging for 1 hr will be better..really sweat lik hell...

so u jog together with ur hubby?
im goin to join muay thai soon..hope it helps in my weight loss..HAHA..
i tnk block E is the furthest from lagoon view rite

Puffy World of Rong said...

you have a treadmill at home? so good...

Well for me, if too late i will jog with hubby. he also wan to "jian fei" so jog together lor..

I am also interested in muay thai. where are you learning it?

Block E is not the furthest. it is the nearest to the border of lagoon view. =)

Big-Girlicious said...

hehe..sad to say i dont have a treadmill at home~~i do jogging on the lame hor? =P

how many times do u exercise per week? i dont exercise much actually.

nowadays im addicted to badminton..i will play with my lao gong at lagoon view's void deck or when no one is using the tennis court..we will play it there! HAHA..but was driven out by the guard..anyway dont care, will stil play there =D

Eh..i tink i will not join muay thai liaoz..cos quite ex in the end..haha..i better exercise myself..hehe..the place is at boon lay =) u wanna join ah!?

WHoah..which floor u staying on? me 20th~ =D

Puffy World of Rong said...

Kaoz... You win liao..hahaha... actually have treadmill also wun use one lor.. my old house have then later rust and throw away in the end.. hahhaa..

Now only run once a week.. at most 2. Sometimes suddenly wan to swim then swim ...was also thinking to join my collegues in badminton.. but no racket.. I like bowling too..
You play at void deck ah... the wind very hiong leh... i dunno about lagoon view.. but laguna wind is extreme at times.. how to play?

Actually i check out some of the CC got teach muay thai at only $68 for 10 lessons.. but that time no one entertain me with this idea, ended up i did not join.. wonder if they still have it now or not..

I am staying at 22nd =) We are all high up .. tell u something.. my new house at dover will be at level 29th ... muhaahah...

Big-Girlicious said...

How long do u run normally ah? HAHAHA..actually i dont like to are more fun!
Hey badminton racket very cheap la..go will be more fun than jogging..WAHAHA
I play at the void deck when the wind is not that strong..sometimes the wind really can be so strong till SIAO..HAHA..but its even more challenging when theres wind!HAHA!!

Actually learn muay thai..i wanna find a real thai who really do competitions..HAHA..thats why i wanna go to the jurong one..~~
so u still interested to join?HEHE!!

is your 22nd storey facing the pool or sea? My bedroom is facing the pool..HEHEHE

Puffy World of Rong said...

Usually 30mins bah.. only when i go for marathon then i start running longer duration...
Haha.. yar.. i will.. will get 2 rackets and ask my hubby to play with me... hahaha.. but most prob he will decline.. he dun really like ball games.. hai..

Wah you find so professional ones ah.. how much are they charging?

my bedroom is facing the laguna pool.. is that the pool you referring to?

Big-Girlicious said...

So i tink after ur marriage everyting is still the same for u rite? hehe..

Wah~~u run for marathon..very xiong leh!!how many km??
Anyway u have gym there's very nice after renovation! I wished i stayed in laguna!so i can use all the facilities...tink gym need to join member rite..

HAHA..why u not u play badminton with me??WAHAHAHAHA...

they are charging 160 for 4 lessons if 2 pax join the personal training.HAHA..also ex rite..their group is 100 for 4 lessons..

that means i can see u and u can see me..mine also facing laguna's pool! WAHAHAHA!!

Puffy World of Rong said...

Yup .. still the same.. jus that need to do laundry and also no kitchen for me to experiment with.. i dun really wan to intrude the kitchen in my current house..there is no baking equipment there anyway.. if have urge wanna cook must find a day go back "niang jia" lor.. I do miss my mother's cooking and my siblings.. and my dad of course.. hehe..
You leh? ROM liao got any major changes? when customery?

Yes it is xiong, considering i am heavy and to run long distance is a strain on my body.. The longest i have ran so far is 10km onlt lar.. think will try for 21km end year if not pregnant yet..

Haha.. nice of you to invite.. but you better enjoy the game with ur hubby lar.. "er ren shi jie4" leh.. kekeke...

Wahh... it is expensive.. how many person then consider a group.. i still can accept the group pricing.. you wanna go?

So coincidental!! hahahahaa...

Big-Girlicious said...

How many times do u go back home per week? =D u teared on ur AD?? HEHEHE..
do u feel uneasy in the house...
my life after rom about the same leh~~dont feel like married too~~bcos we still dont have a house... more heavier than u leh! but 10km is no joke..HAHAHA..21km i will be sent to heaven!HOHOHOHOHO!!!!when u plan to have kids?!

we didnt go play badminton since last week already...he is too bz with the free one..HEHEHE

the group classes full of men! =D i feel quite disgusted after looking at their website..thats why i wanna go for personal training..WAHAHAHA..
u can go google about bia's gym

Puffy World of Rong said...

I did not shed a tear on my AD.. I was really surprise that i didn't as i am the cry baby type.. how I plan my wedding day was really like a party and everyone was happy and laughters all around.. no time to cry.. But i cried really hard the day i check out and went back my house to gather my stuffs to stay at his house.. after i sit in the car, i started crying and crying and all the emotion overwhelm me.. another time i cried was on the fourth night i think.. i missed my little brother and sister.. so i tear a bit.. But now gradually got use liao.. so ok now.. Actually i go back my home as and when i like since my workplace is near it.. while my hubby house is super far for me to get home in time to have dinner with them.. that is why most of the time i will eat my mother;s home cook dinner b4 i go back.. hehe... =p

That is why must train slowly lor.. i am a slow runner lar.. not the cheong type.. my objective of every run is not to walk.. must run all the way ..

As my hubby jus got retrenched, we will have to wait for him to secure a job first. But we did think of concieving in november this year.. see how lor..

Hey.. i browsed their webby liao.. ok lar.. got girls too.. only that the ratio is low low..
Actually where this gym is situated is really near my working place leh.. but must have khaki then i go .. if not also feel a bit funny..

Think i will go shop for a racket this weekend.. =)

Big-Girlicious said...

Wah..its quite a weird feeling when u tink of staying away from ur kins rite...but glad that u r OK now..HAHA..soon will be my turn!!AIYO...tink my mother will cry too..HAHAHA..but try not rite..later the make up bcome really "soggy" HAHAHA

But its good that u go back to ur own house often...does ur Hub go back with u?

Yeah same as me...i tink once run then dont stop...just continue running even though its i right?

WHoah..ur huBBy kena must be lookin for jobs now rite..but u all stil have time..cos ur house is not here yet..
But how come conceive in november?hehe..any special occasion?

I tink only 2 gals.HAHAHA..i feel rather disgusted when i see the group bad rite~~ but icant help..HEHEHE..
u mean u will wanna join the group class ah?

and just exercise when u have menses? cos when i have menses im just basically like a sick person...HAHAHA

Puffy World of Rong said...

Yar!.. you must keep on reminding yourself not to cry ok.. waste money on the make-up .. and if you cry, the fake eyelash have a tendency to drop off.. And not pretty liao... Cannot waste the moment on crying.. savour the moment...enjoy every sec of ur actual day. this is my reminder to will miss it dearly after that.. so when will be your actual day?

it will depend lar.. weekends my hubby will follow me back .. but most of the time i will go back myself, eat and simply laze on the couch in position not really presentable to my in-laws.... hahha..

yes.. you r rite... same thinking as me .. Dun stop means fat will keep on burning.. heart keep on pumping lor..

Yar.. my hubby kenna.. actually we forsee it liao since his director dun like him.. due to some conflict.. but we did not expect the director to be so ruthless as to retrench himm 2 days after our AD! Well.. what to do ? now he has to move on and look for job which is hard since times are bad. slowly lor.. i also dun wan him to rush into something he dun like..
Actually we would like to have a August baby.. same birthday month as both of us.. that is why concieve in November lor.. I love June and March babies too.. haha..
you leh?? when wan to have kids? you like kids dun you?

I dun mind .. you wanna join?

Actually depends lar.. sometimes when i have my menses i really dun wan to move and always feel sleepy, bloated and heavy.. lethargic untiiillll... but I try to will myself to move lar.. if not feel uneasy also..
My mother dun like be to jog during menses.. she say the womb will sag and drop out.. i dunno if she is scaring me.. but i did not jog for the first 2 days of my menses then on... hehe...

Big-Girlicious said...

Wah i tink i really got to remind myself..and tell my mother not to cry..cos when i see pple cry, i will~~
i tink i know how u feel leh~~its a wonderful feeling rite..i had a kind of feeling after my ROM..and i miss it...lucky i still have AD...but after saying so much..HAHAHA..i dont know when is my actual day!!!!

I tink no matter laws are still not our parents..hard to really relax in the house..HEHEHEHE

Wah the director is really &^%&%^%$^$#^$@^$#&%@^$^$!!!! tink he did it on purpose rite...
which line is ur Hub in?

i wanna bb soon leh..but then havent had my AD..quite hard...cos my womb cannot wait that long..
hey u got msn or not ah? chat here very farny!!HAHAHAHA..
add me in

and then hor..i believe wat ur mother say leh! cos the womb is very tired and weak during the ovulation and peroid time...