Monday, March 30, 2009

Shop @ AMK Hub

I'm very sua gu...
this is my first time at Ang Mo Kio Hub...
Was there to walk around between my lessons...
so i had about 2 hours of free time~~
it's really a big place!
and even crowded on a weekday afternoon.

There's a ntuc mega store..WAHAHA

Wah singaporeans love to kill crabs hor??
only left with 2 crabs...

How come all of them crowd to one side..
so weird...

So cute...~~

Guess wat is this bloody ting
Frog legs! YUCKS!

the place is quite big~~

Wah..cakes cakes cakes!
u wont see these in other ntucs~~

The famous 4 seasons durian shop~~

100% durian fillings for their pancakes & other stuffs~~
i didnt try it...
wah when was the last time i've had durain?
*think think think*
My grandma's bird dec..durian cake!


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