Sunday, March 29, 2009

~~Mui Fan~~

I'm getting ready to cook the "MUI FAN"!
they normally have it in the "zi char" stall...
they will drizzle the gravy on to the plain rice..and ready to serve...
but i tink their gravy is quite sinful~~and with MSG...
it can't beat home cooked ones for sure... =D

So I'm gona cook mine for in laws and lao gong~~
these are all the ingredients

plus u will need some lightly beaten eggs...

in less than 10 mins...u will get this!

One plate is not enough....

Lao gong ate 2 plates of that! AIyo! ALOT!!!

It's very tasty although i didnt had any additional seasoning...
other than the marinated pork and prawns~~
we wiped out all the mui fan within 15 mins time! WAHAHAHA...

ermm..actually i didnt measure all the water or corn flour...
but i'll just use my "sense" to create the recipe OK...

Here's the recipe... =D

Ingredients that you'll need:

Plain rice
Fish cake
Prawns (marinated in soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper & corn flour)
Pork slices (marinated with the above seasonings)
Xiao Bai Cai (veggie)
2 tablespoons of corn flour + 3 tablespoons of water
4 cups of water
2 beaten eggs
1 tablespoon of oil

My way of cooking:

1) Heat up the wok, add in the oil, stir fry the garlic.

2) Add in pork and fish cake, keep stir frying.

3) when the pork is nearly cooked, add in water.

4) After the water had boiled, add in the prawn & veggie.
Let it boil once again.

5) Immediately add in the corn flour mixture and quickly stir it, till well blended.

6) Drizzle the beaten egg in and stir, this time round do not stir too much,
as you will wanna see strips of egg..

7) Off the fire immediately, season to taste

8) serve on top of the plain rice, sprinkle some pepper on top.


everyting must be done fast to prevent the ingredients from being overcooked.. =D


Puffy World of Rong said...

Looks good... you are such a "xian qi liang mu" till now, I have still not whip up a meal for hubby's parents..

Dun dare to overtake the kitchen.. hahaha...

Big-Girlicious said...

HAHA..xie xie ni !!!
sometimes its good to let others cook and be the one eating..

im beginning to be like my mother.."zhu fan po" HAHAHA

elle said...

hi,Coraine. Mind to share ur mui fan recipe? it should be tasty. thanks

Big-Girlicious said...

Hi elle =)
i've already updated my mui fan post with the recipe..
do try it out and let me know how is it OK? =)

elle said...

hahahaha,thanks thanks. hope got chance to cook. very tied up this week. maybe can try next week. let u know the outcome, k?

Big-Girlicious said...

HEHEHE!! take pics and let me see the mui fan OK? =)